Yellow leaves on ‘Brown Turkey’ fig

Q: The leaves of my turkey fig tree are turning yellow. Is this because I’ve had it standing in a pot of water when it was so hot? What can I do to make it healthier?

There could be number of reasons for yellow leaves on ‘Brown Turkey’ fig (Ficus carica). Figs do need a complete fertilizer. (Just follow the directions on the package of a fertilizer especially designed for container use, e.g. 14-14-14 controlled release, good for several months.) Do not over-apply fertilizer with nitrogen (number on the left hand side), as it can diminish fruit production.

It sounds like your fig is in a container. Is your plant too rootbound? If this is the case then either repot your fig into a bigger container or do some “root pruning”. The latter involves taking the plant out of the existing pot early in the season when still dormant, and removing about 2.5 cm (inch) of the rootball, replanting into the same pot with fresh potting soil.

Keeping soil excessively wet can create an anaerobic which could lead to roots dying. Figs are drought tolerant and do not mind drying out at the surface between watering. Figs respond to watering during prolonged dry periods especially during active growth period or fruit production.