5 Must-haves for Spring Cleaning

Toss the Spic 'n' Span and try these newfangled cleaning products to make your spring chores a little easier

Credit: iStockphoto / sjlocke

Arm yourself with a few spring cleaning helpers to make the task a little easier

Few people find spring cleaning any fun at all, but these five helpers will at least make it a little more pleasant

The spring season brings with it things I welcome – tulips, asparagus, halibut and Marshmallow Peeps, and only one thing I don’t particularly welcome – spring cleaning.

Sunny skies and warmer weather usually take the edge off pushing through those dreary-but-inevitable seasonal chores, however we’re not quite there yet weather-wise. A late-blooming spring is hardly enough inspiration to put our backs into a serious household clean up.

So what might do the trick to nudge me into spring-cleaning-mode? These 5 new household must-haves can’t hurt, especially if they make it easy and quick.

Suck it Up with the Miele S2

Ok, there are vacuum cleaners and then there are the Cadillacs of vacuum cleaners – some brands really are worth a deeper dig into your wallet.

Miele’s latest model, the S2, is the most affordable in their range at $399, plus it’s compact and easy to roll around. A state-of-the-art HEPA filtration system traps 99.9% of dust particles – meaning it’s ideal for allergy sufferers and cat owners, who can feel rotten enough in the spring without the added task of cleaning. Find a Miele retailer near you.

Dyson DC 35 Keeps Dirt within Easy Reach

Dyson just launched a new cordless, rechargeable, hand-held vacuum called the DC 35, priced at $349.99. It’s such a smart size and perfect for small-space living, plus it has a long reach wand that’s ideal for zapping dust from the depths of closets, the tops of high shelves and out of reach blinds. Ever tried to dust your blinds with a plugged-in roll around vacuum? Not happening. This new one from Dyson’s a game-changer.

Paint the Mop and Bucket Red

You can’t hide from them, floors need a good mopping – and a shiny new bucket and mop from Ikea might make the job a little more pleasant. This red set, called LÖDDER, comes with a mop, two mop heads and a handle (that’s telescopic and lockable) plus a bucket with wringer; $15.98 for the works.

Tidy up Boxes Bust Kid Clutter

Organizing the home can be a big part of spring cleaning. PC Home has cute new Tidy Up Boxes, which are great for kids so they can get in on the act, too, by storing toys and games away after play. Two sizes, $4 and $7, at Superstore.

Clean it Green with AspenClean

How about new cleaning products? I like AspenClean because it’s 100% natural, Ecocert certified, and it’s a BC brand. For $49.95, the Whole House Cleaning Kit has all you need – All Purpose, Glass, Kitchen, and Bathroom spray cleaners plus their matching colour-coded microfibre cloths.

Freelance writer, editor, stylist Catherine Dunwoody puts the ‘style’ in lifestyle stories. Based in Vancouver, Catherine is a regular contributor to TV Week, BC Home, Western Living, Nuvo and numerous other publications and television programs.