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6 Tips for a Successful Summer Deck Party

Summer is all about garden parties and al fresco dining! But before the fun starts, don't forget to make sure your home is prepped and ready for all the festivities

Summer is all about garden parties and al fresco dining! But before the fun starts, don’t forget to make sure your home is prepped and ready for all the festivities

There really is nothing quite like sharing great food with friends and family under a sunny sky illuminating your deck; but it takes much more than delicious food and drink, and great weather for your summer party to be a success. It’s all about the overall experience and keeping everyone safe, because at the end of the night all a host wants is for the guests to walk away from the party happily and safely.


So before your next summer party look out for the safety of your friends and family by following these simple tips.

Leave No Chair Unturned
Having guests socialize deck-side while nibbling on hors d’oeuvres is a great way to kick-off any summer party. But before your guests kick back and relax, don’t forget to take stock of your outdoor furniture. When you pull out your patio set and outdoor tables and chairs from their winter resting place, take the time to inspect them to see if there are any unstable or wobbly or damaged furniture. It’s important to stay on top of your outdoor furniture maintenance to ensure your guests will have comfortable and safe places to sit.


Light the Way
Outdoor lighting can create the ambience that takes your party from nice to wow. Not only does the lighting extend your time outside and cast a gorgeous glow, it offers safety for walkways, staircases, and grilling areas. Most notably, ensure the pathways are well lit to avoid a fall.


Keep it Tidy
Clearing the pathway leading to your home provides a great first impression but it can also prevent a serious injury. Over time, a walkway can crack and form an uneven surface. If it isn’t smooth, repair it. It’s also a good time to check your entertaining space for any debris that can cause a slip.


Handle With Care
The candles are lit, the steaks seasoned and you’re ready to start grilling under the stunning night sky. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned barbecue master, it’s important to take precautions when cooking. Always open the barbecue lid before lighting; and when finished, turn off the valve so no propane is left in the hose. Also, make sure the gas grill has cooled before you cover it. Lastly, when the party is over, extinguish all the candles and leave nothing to chance.


Plan Your Menu Carefully
Every host wants to impress their guests with some mouth-watering dishes, but before you set your menu for the party don’t forget to inquire about any food allergies your friends and family may have. The last thing you want is for a guest to feel unwell during the meal, or even worse, be rushed off to the hospital due to a severe reaction. And make sure the person you leave in charge with the cooking duties is diligent about preparing and cooking the food properly. By taking all of this into consideration, the only thing anyone will be concerned about is when to go for seconds.


Serve Responsibly

If you’re serving wine to your guests during dinner, make sure you monitor how much alcohol you offer and how much is being consumed. By doing so, you’ll prevent things from getting out of control and ultimately making sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. It’s also a good idea to assign some designated drivers, arrange for cabs to be available at the end of the night, or invite some guests to stay at your place so they can head home in the morning. Keep in mind, a host can be held accountable for their guests’ actions even after they’ve left the party. So ensuring everyone is in good shape when they walk out your door and gets home safely is extremely important.


As a host, it’s your responsibility to make sure your guests have a good time, but even more importantly, to put their well-being ahead of everything else. Don’t forget to plan ahead and ensure your home is safe and ready for your guests. For added peace of mind, whether you own or rent, you can purchase a home insurance plan that will provide you with liability protection, as well as coverage for your home and possessions. BCAA provides award-winning home insurance. Everyone is welcome and members save up to 15%. Visit www.bcaa.com/hometips for more information.




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