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8 Ways SmartHome Security Can Change Your Life

Now more connected than ever before, home security has come a long way




Now more connected than ever before, home security has come a long way

Gone are the days of lamps set on timers, radios left on and noisy alarm systems. These days, home security systems are more connected than ever before. Smart systems don’t just keep the burglars away. They can tell you when a window or door is open in your home, the exact time your kids get home from school and even let you remotely check in with your four-legged friends while you’re at the office.

TELUS is taking smart home technology to the next level with the launch of TELUS SmartHome Security in British Columbia and Alberta. SmartHome Security combines world-class security and monitoring with game-changing features backed by TELUS’ fast, reliable and award-winning networks.

That means, whether you’re at home, at work, on vacation or on the road, you can rest easy knowing that SmartHome Security is working 24/7 to not just help protect your home, but also make your life infinitely more convenient. 

In addition to all the ways a security system protects your home from unwanted intruders, here’s how TELUS SmartHome Security makes having peace of mind a piece of cake…

1. Never miss another delivery

The system can send you a text notification whenever the doorbell rings. You can even speak with the person at the door and open the door remotely, or give them instructions on where to leave your latest Amazon purchases.

2. Know exactly who’s entering your house

With the smart doorlock you can now get notifications when your kids are home from school by using a specific code associated with their access. You can also create codes for friends, roommates, guests and service people, and always know exactly who is entering your home, and when they arrive and leave.

3. Light up your life

You can program your system so when you walk into a room, a sensor turns the lamps on for you. Or you can schedule the lights to turn on at sunset and turn off at 10 p.m. so you never have to enter a dark house again. SmartHome Security allows easy customization, so it’s simple to create a schedule for your lights that matches your own.

4. Never wonder if your garage door is open again

Using the SmartHome Security app, you can check the door status, from wherever you are. Even better, you can schedule the garage door to close when you arm the system, or set up a reminder to send a text message when the garage door is left open for too long or after a certain time.

5. Know the difference between a fire emergency and burnt toast

Set up the system to send a notification when the smoke alarm goes, allowing you to check in and see for yourself that everything is okay. The system’s central monitoring station will also ensure that all smoke alarms are monitored and checked.

6. Secure your valuables and hazardous items

With SmartHome Security, sensors can be connected to windows, doors or even medicine or cleaning supply cabinets, meaning you are notified as soon as that door, window or cupboard is opened.

7. Never punch in your security code again

Forget your security code? Don’t panic. Pair your smartphone with the system panel so that the alarm disarms automatically when you approach. You’ll never have to worry about the alarm going off if you don’t get to the panel fast enough, and it makes it so much easier to walk in the house when your hands are full of groceries. Plus, if you lose your phone, don’t worryunpairing the device is as easy as pairing, so you don’t have to worry about a stolen phone compromising your security.

8. Save money by bundling your services

For current TELUS customers, SmartHome Security plans can start as low as $18 per month when bundled with TELUS home and mobility services. All TELUS services show up on a single monthly bill and are eligible for TELUS Rewards, giving you points to cash in for On Demand movies, the latest devices and even bill credits. Be sure to check with your home insurance provider because house insurance discounts for TELUS SmartHome Security customers range from five to 20 percent.

With TELUS SmartHome Security, you can keep an eye on your home right from your phone. Plus you’ll enjoy 24/7 monitoring for fires, floods, break-ins and more. Plans starting at just $18 per month when you bundle.*

Learn more at telus.com/SmartHomeSecurity

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