A better measuring cup

Measuring cups made from recycled plastics for the laundry room and beyond.

Credit: Preserve

TIP: Measuring the cleaners

How many of those little crappy plastic measuring cups do you need in your laundry room? You know, those ones you use to measure the laundry powder?

Liquid cleaners use the lid, but since Live for Tomorrow (reviewed here) only has a small cap you need something bigger to make it easy. LfT recommends you purchase a high quality measuring cup to measure your cleaners, using only what you need.

Preserve has a great line of measuring cups made from recycled plastics that I think are great. Besides coming in cool colours and being made from recycled materials, you can send products back to Preserve for recycling when you’re done with them. This “closed loop” philosophy that LfT and Preserve share might just be the way of the future.