DWELL: A Smarter Slumber

You won’t find mold, mites or chemicals in these natural latex mattresses.

When Jem Terra discovered her son’s allergies to mold, mildew and feathers, she knew she needed to find her family some better bed alternatives. And when she learned of the link between flame retardants used on mattresses and sudden infant death syndrome, she turned her alarm into action and launched Vancouver-based Organic O’ Canada. The company offers affordable and natural mattresses, bedding and furniture that’s healthy for the home and easy on Mother Earth.

You won’t find any mould, mites or chemical-based nasties in its selection of natural latex mattresses, which come in a range of sizes and densities so you can find one that’s just right; a queen mattress starts at $1,867. (Its offshoot company, InBed Organics, offers a higher-end line of eco-friendly and customizable beds, mattresses and more.)

Pure latex is “a renewable source; it’s 100-per-cent biodegradable,” says Terra. “You can throw it in the compost at the end of its very long life.”

For more information visit Organic O Canada.