Rest assured with natural-fibre pillows

Why sleep on a sweaty, toxic synthetic pillow for one more night?

Credit: Duvet and Pillow Warehouse

Why sleep on a sweaty, toxic synthetic pillow for one more night when a natural one is better for your health and will last much longer?


Having once owned a store specializing in sustainable home decor, I have an embarrassment of riches in my linen closet.

I always felt it was my duty—nay, obligation—to test every style of single pillow, sheet and mattress pad we sold to give a fair account to customers. It was tough but somebody had to do it.

But natural bedding is expensive!

Luxury bedding has always been one of my weaknesses until I discovered the many shortcomings of conventional bedding and mattresses. One problem with having too much information though is that so often we cannot act on that information, at least not to the extent we would like.

Who can afford to replace a whole mattress set outright after discovering the carcinogenic and neurotoxic nature of conventional mattresses made with foam? Are we really supposed to give away Turkish cotton sheets that we may have spent hundreds of dollars on once we learn about the formaldehyde that has been liberally applied to retain the sheen and softness? Ack! It sickens me either way.

Start small with a natural pillow

Well, one bedding item that is affordable—and offers a real health benefit—is a natural pillow. There are several styles in a variety of materials now widely available. They can be had for anywhere from about $75 up to around $200 on the high end, and the best ones will last up to a decade with regular care.

What else can you buy for 150 bucks these days that you will use every day for a decade? Certainly not an iPod. Definitely not jeans. Hardly even shoes anymore.

There simply is no reason to sleep on a sweaty, toxic synthetic pillow for one more night when a natural one is so much better for your health and will last so much longer.

Materials for a healthy sleep

There are several options on the market for natural-fibre pillows. Click on the links below for the pros and cons of each:

>> Natural latex pillow

>> Wool pillow

>> Bamboo charcoal pillow 


Sweet dreams!




Carmen Spagnola


Carmen Spagnola is a junior associate with Element and Associates, where she assists in project finance involving renewables and clean-tech. She is also the marketing and resource development manager for the Jade’s KIDS Foundation, an anti-drug organization.

In her former role of entrepreneur in the sustainable home decor sector, Carmen became a sought-after speaker in the emerging fields of “green” retail trends and social venture business models.

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