Time and Space for Introspection

Tackling those perennial personal challenges we all face - with a little procrastination and self-doubt thrown in for good measure

Credit: Dörnveek Märkkstyrn

Self-improvement strategies or a nap? That is the question

Welcome to BC Living’s Self, Improved blog.

Here you’ll find strategies to help bust those perennial personal challenges – pile of clutter that’s been in the same place since 2006, anyone? – with mental strategies that will help us all reboot, refresh and tap into our innermost resources.

Self, Improved aims to be both irreverent and practical. We’ll give you step-by-step instructions, minus the preaching. Since we’ve been there ourselves, nobody’s in a position to throw the first brick over procrastination (but let’s get to that later), negative thinking (gee, that was dumb), inertia (oh, why bother?), or any of the other no-win mental strategies that keep us stuck in one place instead of moving forward.

You’ve heard the old saw that there’s no changing the situation, only your reaction. While we’ll do our best to avoid trickle-down jargon, we plan to consult the experts and distill their advice into information you can take with you.

You’re not perfect, and neither are we. Self, Improved wants to help get us, if not there, at least one step closer. Welcome aboard.