5 Clean and Green Canadian Cleaning Products

Turn your home into a germ-free, chemical-free space

Turn your home into a germ-free, chemical-free space

More and more of us are switching to natural, eco-friendly products everyday. Whether it be your skincare, makeup, clothing or the food you eat, we’re all making a conscious effort to do a little better, so why stop there? Many conventional cleaning brands and products are filled with chemicals that we breathe in, touch and continue to linger in our homes even after the cleaning is done.

Below, you’ll find our top five green products to keep your home sparkling…  


1. Attitude Nature+ Dishwashing Liquid

Attitude is a Canadian-based company that develops natural personal care and household products dedicated to promoting healthy living. Available in scents like citrus zest, pink grapefruit, and green apple and basil, their biodegradable dishwashing liquid is a winner. Made with deep-cleansing and antibacterial agents like saponin, and natural plant-based, hypoallergenic ingredients, this wonder product is tough on grease but soft on hands. And for each product sold online or in a participating store, Attitude commits to plant a tree in collaboration with two major non-profit organizations specialized in reforestation.


2. Tru Earth Eco-strips Multi-surface Cleaner

Recently named one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies by The Globe and Mail, Port Moody-based eco-friendly laundry brand Tru Earth is committed to sustainability. Their Multi-surface Cleaner contains all the cleaning power of big brand multipurpose cleaners, but with none of the water or chemicals. Simply add one strip to a spray bottle with a cup of hot water and shake. Use on floors, counters and in the bathroom for a squeaky clean finish. 


3. Nature Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Developing natural formulations to help a family member who suffered allergic reactions to the harsh chemicals used in traditional household products, Nature Clean are driven by a passion for protecting the natural world. Their non-toxic and non-corrosive Toilet Bowl Cleaner disinfects and deodorizes without hydrochloric acid, and uses Australian tea tree oil to add natural antiseptic properties. The product is biodegradable, septic-safe, grey-water safe, and not tested on animals.


4. Saje Multi Clean

Removing dirt and grime with essential oil ingredients like peppermint, lavender and rosemary, Saje Multi Clean spray will freshen and deodorize kitchen counters, sinks, cupboards and more. Using the concentrated ‘life force’ of plants to capture the healing power of nature, essential oils have many benefits to support our wellness, so why not use them when cleaning? 


5. Nellie Lamby Dryerballs

Made from 100 percent New Zealand Wool, Nellie’s Lamby Dryerballs help lift and separate your clothes for improved drying and clothing softness, thus reducing the time needed in your dryer, saving on energy and and potentially money in the long run.