How to Organize Your Closet

Start your spring cleaning early with these expert tips to achieve a magazine-worthy closet space

Six expert tips to keep your closet under control

Whether you have a shoebox or a grand hall for a closet, there are a few ways you can get organized and achieve a magazine-worthy closet space

Interior Designer Karin Bohn of the award-winning firm House of Bohn is known for creating luxury style in many spaces throughout Vancouver, including some amazing walk-in closets.

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Plan your space

“When taking on a closet organization project, make sure you preplan your space. Take inventory of what you have and make sure you allocate enough space for your items. For example, do you have a number of long dresses and coats? Then make sure your closet space has full-length hanging for those items. Providing each piece with a home will ensure your closet stays clean and organized.”

Lighting is key

“One of the most overlooked aspects of a great walk-in closet is lighting. A good space is also a well-lit space, and in the case of a closet where a number of items are typically packed into a small area, proper lighting will help keep your space organized and functional. Aside from the lighting in/on your ceiling, try adding strip lighting above your hanger rod for better visibility, or puck lights in some of the cubbies. If you can see it, you won’t forget about it.”

Keep it consistent

“One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to make your closet look clean and organized is to throw away old and mixed-and-matched hangers and invest in one good hanger type. I personally really like the narrow black, felt hangers that are available at Costco. The felt keeps your clothes from slipping off the hanger, and the slim profile allows you to store more items on a hanging rod.”

Organize your drawers

“Is your jewellery tangled together? Can’t find your favourite pair of sunglasses? Missing socks again? Well, having a lot of drawer space is great, but taking that one step further and compartmentalizing your drawers so that your small items are organized is even better. Home Depot and Ikea have inexpensive and fabulous options for small space organizers and drawer liners that help your small items stay in place and keep even the messiest of items looking tidy and presentable.”

Shoe storage

“Proper shoe storage is the key to achieving a high-end, luxury walk-in closet look. Standard open cubbies or shelves are great for lining up your shoes and keeping them clean as well as visible. If you’re able to customize your shoe storage, don’t forget to account for different sized shoes like flats, heels and boots. The more space you have to store shoes in their proper place, the less likely they’re going to end up in a pile on the floor.”


“I’ll never design a closet without thinking about where at least one mirror is going to go. A closet is where most of your dressing and changing is going to happen, so having a well-lit mirror nearby is a necessity. Also, if you’re in a small space, mirrors are great for reflecting light and making your closet appear bigger. The more the merrier, so don’t be shy about overdoing it with mirrors.”