Organizing Your Kitchen Tools

Are your tools scattered around the kitchen willy-nilly? Create structure with these easy-to-do tips

The right tray can make kitchen organization much easier

Q: What are some tips to keep my kitchen tools organized?

Start by separating your cutlery from your utensils, and neatly storing your spices in a holder or rack. Utensils are plentiful in any kitchen, so they should have their own dedicated space.

Blum’s Orga-Line inner-dividing system ensures that everything is in its place, and our utensil kit accommodates longer tools like mixing spoons, spatulas and whisks.

Look for a cutlery kit that’s dishwasher safe so it’s easy to clean, and has removable trays so you can bring them outside if you’re having a garden party.

Put items such as pots, pans, and plastic containers in deep drawers with cross dividers and separate the lids.

With good organization, we have the ability to store a great amount.

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