Big Fat Deal: $16 Million to Live in White House West

Inside a five-bedroom, seven-bathroom, 11,954-square-foot house on 47 acres in Langley

BCLiving takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 558 – 248th Street, Langley

Price: $15,680,000

Listing: R2337721

The skinny: Five-bedroom, seven-bathroom, 11,954-square-foot house on 47 acres in Langley

The bling: Here is a house of stature, a house built on a grand scale. It’s meant to impress, to make sure no one is ever in doubt of the importance and wealth of its owner. It is, as the agent’s description makes plain, a “Famous Hollywood Movie location! Built for and owned by Champions of Industry. ‘White House West’ is looking for its new First Lady & Gentleman!” [Sic! Sic! Sic!] Now, we know that hyperbole in listings is hardly new or notable, but a scant search of the interwebs reveals this property’s famous Hollywood movie history to fall heavily in Hallmark territory.

Perhaps mediocrity doesn’t matter to you where money is involved, but be warned: this estate may not be the sweet little earner a new owner with more dollar signs in their eyes than their bank accounts might be ready to wish upon a lot of B-list stars for. In an article about the shooting of that classic Hallmark family tale, Coming Home For Christmas, reveals that the 2013 movie was indeed filmed here, and that the house was listed for sale in 2016 at $13 million. By 2017, it looks as though things had dried up on the filming front due to Township of Langley bylaws which the then-owners—one of them a professional location scout, no less—are on record appealing, hoping to get the magic of the movies back onto his large slice of ALR.

But for those who hardly need to pick up pennies prostituting their interior decor for art, this is good news. Because we know, those of you who truly are “Champions of Industry,” titans in whatever field, hardly need the Movie of the Week roaming around your house and grounds. No, you deserve complete privacy (apart from the help, of course) while perfecting the roles of First Lady & Gentleman in the White House West. Go on: put on your soft focus lenses and lean back into that MOW fantasy. Shivers, right?

The hidden extras: Indoor pool, bar, caretaker house, tennis court, riding arena, trails…a location for every mood