Big Fat Deal: $23 Million for a Bowen Island Getaway

Inside a seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom, 11,360-square-foot house on 14 acres on Bowen Island

BCLiving takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 370-374 Smugglers Cove Road, Bowen Island

Price: $22,998,000

MLS: R2172690

The skinny: Seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom, 11,360-square-foot house on 14 acres of Bowen Island.

The bling: We all have those days when we just want to disappear from view. Take a break from our fabulous selves, and hunker down somewhere simple and quiet. It’s tough up here in the high life, always having to sweat the big stuff. Is it gauche to mix and match Gucci and Gauthier? Was banana yellow the right choice for the Lamborghini? Is Kona Nigari water really worth $402 a bottle? Does it really matter when you can afford it anyway? Crazy stressful, right? What you need is an escape hatch—somewhere you can go under the radar, put your feet up, loosen the top button of those perfect pants and feel human again. Well, this cute little cottage hideaway could be just the thing. You just have to pitch up, wend your way through 14 acres of seclusion to your 1,500 feet of private waterfront, have the housekeeper valet the Maserati (because parking is such a bore), and spend the weekend living like a regular person. No! Of course you don’t have to go that far, darling. The sweatpants (Givenchy) and sneakers (Rick Owens—does that work?) are quite casual enough. No need to let things slide completely.

The hidden extras: Indoor pool, outdoor hot tub, exercise room, full-size indoor tennis court, servants’ quarters.