Big Fat Deal: $5 Million to Live a Hallmark Life in Abbotsford

Inside a four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 4,738-square-foot house on 80 acres in Abbotsford

BCLiving takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 450 Laxton Street, Abbotsford

Price: $5,300,000

Listing: R2317362

The skinny: Four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 4,738-square-foot house on 80 acres in Abbotsford

The bling: It’s the image of that perfect North American life you’ve been dreaming of. A big house on a big lake, with nothing but happy families and Thanksgiving turkey and a hallway grand enough for the perfect Christmas tree. It’s all cookies and milk, apple pies and Katie Holmes (before she married Mr. Tom Scientology Cruise). Yes, this is the house where teenage hearts are broken (but not for long), mom’s regular 3 o’clock G+T is nothing to worry about (until it is), and absolutely no one would miss an invitation to your legendary summer lake party (unless they can think of a good excuse quickly enough). Come on, what more could you want? Step inside and live that thinly veneered, cheesy-breezy perfect life of your favourite Hallmark Movie. And if that feels spookily realistic, that’s because yes, this house has played itself in more than one of the network’s fabulous frothy fantasies.

The hidden extras: We can scarcely believe the black-tiled corner soaker tub isn’t enough to produce your cheque book on sight, but there’s also the lake, the views of Mt. Baker and a garage that can hold three fast cars for that unforeseen but potentially much-needed quick escape.