Big Fat Deal: $7 Million for Your Castle on Vancouver’s West-sid-eros

Inside a five-bedroom, five-bath, 3,974-square-foot house on a corner lot in Dunbar

BCLiving takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province


Address: 4208 Dunkirk Street, Vancouver

Price: $7,138,000

MLS: R2203471

The skinny: Five-bedroom, five-bath, 3,974-square-foot house on a corner lot in Dunbar.

The bling: Looking for a castle to call your own but not really sold on the whole medievalism thing? We know all that lowering and raising of the drawbridge does get old pretty quick, but still, a safe place to sleep without fear of rampaging warlords setting off the alarum bells isn’t to be sniffed at. Wait. What? Warlords? Yes, we were taken aback, too, but what else are we to make of the subtle marketing strategy at play here? Take a look at the photos: who is that woman on the balcony with the long blonde hair surveying the land of the West-sid-eros? Hmmm. Ooh: look at who features on not one, but two of those wonderfully expensive wall-mounted, 4K TV screens. Yes, it’s the platinum-tressed princess of your HBO dreams, looking out approvingly at all the Italian marble, custom millwork and Swarovski sparkle money can buy. Because, good sir, this is more than a house in Dunbar: this is a lifestyle fit for a king (or, to be fair, anyone with $7M to throw around), his white-haired wife and all the baby dragons a basement can contain.

The hidden extras: Security system, wok kitchen, games room, media room, wine closet and many, many walls from which to beam Daenerys herself into your life, should you so desire.

Disclaimer: The author has never seen Game of Thrones and makes no apology for any errors in her appropriation