Big Fat Deal: Holiday Rental Edition

This week, BCLiving shows you how to get away from it all with five outrageously upmarket vacation rentals

Here are 5 places to take a quick getaway for the holidays

Fancy a change of scenery over the holidays? Who can blame you? It’s tiring staring at the same luxurious walls all the time, we know. It’s a little late to be booking a festive foray, but take heart: there are still some fabulously fat B.C. deals to be found. This is the season for spending, after all.

Click through for five breathtaking rental homes for the holidays…

Go hard

Location: Kerrisdale

Price: $1,861 per night

What better change of scenery than to leave the chintz and chesterfield behind and try out a hard-edged slice of modernism? Imagine all the fun watching your extended family—the young and the old—navigate those brutally beautiful stairs. And the joyous cacophony of expensive toys banged around (someone else’s) concrete and marble? Bring it on, right? Because yes, this is your chance to save your own floors while showing off to the less fortunate in your familial group how you really do have money to burn.  

Go yuge

Location: Saanich, Vancouver Island

Price: $1,490 per night

You’ve had a good year. A great year. It’s been huge—sorry, yuge! And now it’s time to treat yourself to a few days living the life you know is owed to you. Finally, the world has shifted around onto the right axis and you no longer have to feel embarrassed about splashing your cash and behaving in the totally entitled fashion you deserve. Nothing shouts, “I am ridiculously rich and I don’t care” than renting a B.C. oceanfront mansion with an infinity pool in December. Just light all those fire pits and let them burn, baby, burn.


Go quirky

Location: Abbotsford,

Price: $1,862 per night

Oh, hello. Yes, we have seen this one before in Big Fat Deal—listed for almost $5 million in 2015 and currently on the market reduced by a cool $1 million. What a great way to test-drive a potential bargain buy. Find out if you really are the substation type who likes to live out in the wilds of wildest Abbotsford. And after all this time, you could probably pick this one up for a snip. A perfect gift for those near and dear you’d actually prefer were at least a few hours drive down the road.

Go supersized

Location: Whistler

Price: $4,250 per night

Enough with these everyday rental options, you wouldn’t sully your reputation with anything less than supremely unaffordable to the 99.9 per cent. Well, this Whistler property should be right up your big bank account. It even says so in the listing: “We are a multi-multi million dollar European Chalet for mature, luxury oriented, discerning groups and travellers who want the best home base from which to create and enjoy their Whistler experience ! We are not a cabin for discount seeking travellers.” Check. Check. Cheque!


Go out of town

Location: Palm Springs, U.S

Price: $10,125 per night

A bit of fresh air never did anyone any harm, right? And how better to prove the vagaries of currency fluctuations can’t touch you, than to go all out, all US$ in fact, over the holidays? And what a statement you could make flying all your acolytes here: high in the Santa Rosa mountains, built by the Gucci family—oh yes, this brings serious style points. Here’s a rental to really cement your pole position. Just fire up that private jet and have at it.