Is Now the Time to Sell Your Vancouver Condo?

When it comes to Vancouver, it's always the right time to sell

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In Vancouver, it’s almost always a good time to sell

Outgrown your Vancouver condo and looking to move on to bigger and better things? Paul Rushforth explains when you should sell

We paid $525,000 for a brand-new condo two years ago in Vancouver’s Kitsilano. It’s a one-bedroom plus tiny den, 650 square feet with a 500-square-foot deck. It’s gorgeous but just too small for the two of us. Is now the time to sell, and make some money on our investment? 
– G.D., Vancouver

There really isn’t a bad time to sell. Most of Canada is experiencing solid growth, and Vancouver is one market that is definitely at the top of the price range. I believe the prices will stabilize this year and create a very balanced market. As far as seasonal selling, our spring market starts in January and continues until late June.

Spring is the most aggressive market, yet the competition is fierce. You can either sell in a slower season (fall) with fewer buyers looking yet less competition, or sell in a fast season (spring) with more buyers looking but more competition. It really doesn’t matter when you sell, as the economy will allow you to sell at top dollar in 2012.

Over the next five years, Canada’s market will continue to grow at a very stable pace. But I believe Vancouver is one market that will have a small decrease in activity and price, as foreign investors moderate their purchases because of global economic issues.

— Paul Rushforth
, resident real estate expert and co-host of All for Nothing?

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