5 Awesome Kayaking Trips in Harrison, B.C.

With wild birds, scenic wilderness and breathtaking waterfalls, these five great kayaking trips offer much more than a killer workout

With wild birds, scenic wilderness and breathtaking waterfalls, these five great kayaking trips offer much more than a killer workout

I’d like to start off by saying that I do love kayaking in Deep Cove. What’s not to love? It’s close to the city, the scenery looks like it’s lifted off the face of a Destination BC advert, and Honey Doughnuts, well, Honey Doughnuts! While I’m all for boating in Deep Cove, I’ve made it my mission to look beyond our local favourite to find something with a bit more adventure and a little less ‘same old’.

Now, before I start adventuring into an unknown territory, I do my research and I seek the advice of locals. And I’ve found that Harrison has a number of different routes that all offer unique and captivating highlights.

Here are five of the best spots to kayak around Harrison…


1. Miami River

Miami River is an easy paddle best-suited for families with young children or novice kayakers looking to dip their toes into this great sport. It’s incredibly scenic, full of wildlife and you’ll be sure to see a variety of birds! It also happens to run right through the Harrison Village.


2. Harrison history

Departing from Harrison Lake beach, you can take a guided trip from Harrison Eco Tours that takes kayakers down the length of the Harrison River to Kilby Provincial Park. In addition to the wildlife and scenic beauty, this four- to five-hour kayak has you actually paddling past First Nations’ petrographs and pictographs, burial sites, and the historic “Bubble and Squeak” sunken steam ship. I love history and actually seeing the history of the First Nations’ people here is an incredible feeling.


3. Somewhere over the rainbow (boat access only)

If you have a full day, I can’t recommend this trip enough! It’s an eight-hour guided trip that has you paddling up the east side of Harrison Lake to beautiful Rainbow Falls. Hop out for a short hike to the falls. Perfect for a picnic lunch!


4. From lake to river (Harrison Hot Springs to Harrison Mills)

Meet a friend here and leave one vehicle in Harrison Mills at either Kilby Historic Site or Sandpiper Resort and take the other vehicle to Harrison Hot Springs. Start at the boat launch in Harrison Hot Springs and end in Harrison Mills. It’s a stunning trip year-round but especially beautiful from October to January during the winter bald-eagle gathering where thousands of eagles will make their way to Harrison. You will also get to explore Weaver Creek and Morris Creek along the way.


5. Sasquatch Provincial Park

This trip touches on four lakes, two of which—Deer and Hicks—are perfect for exploring in small boats. Paddle to isolated Sandy Beach at Hick’s south end; the wildlife, scenery and secluded beach makes this one well worth the journey. When you’ve packed the paddles away, be sure to enjoy a farm-to-plate picnic lunch at Muddy Waters or stop into Morgan’s Bistro for a bite to eat. When you decide to take to the lake, pop into your local rental shop and inquire about conditions and always come prepared with water, food, first-aid, warm clothing, etc. Adventures are best when you’re ready for anything!