B.C. Bucket List: Discover Off-grid Camping at Cascade Peninsula

From must-see attractions to outdoor adventures and more, discover and explore the best B.C. has to offer

From must-see attractions to outdoor adventures and more, discover and explore the best B.C. has to offer

Whether you grew up on the West Coast, have recently moved here, or are just planning to visit, there’s no doubt you’ve got a bunch of West Coast adventures you can’t wait to cross off your bucket list. To help you prioritize that list, we’re sharing some of our must-do B.C. experiences so you don’t miss out.

Image Via: Unsplash/  Darren TierneyUnsplash/ Darren TierneyExperience: Camping at Cascade Peninsula, Harrison East

Cost: $18.00 per single site, $28.00 per double site, $36.00 per triple site

How to get there: From Vancouver, take Highway 1 or 7 to Harrison Hot Springs. Cascade is located about a 45-minute drive from Harrison.

Bucket list factor: Experience a totally off-the-grid camping experience at Cascade Peninsula, located on Harrison Lake, B.C. With no service, amenities or running water, we know it sounds a little daunting, especially for you city folk, but we promise you there’s no better feeling than detoxing the digital, leaving the stress of regular life behind and embracing nature in its fullest. 

Located in a beautiful forested site on the shores of Harrison Lake with views overlooking breathtaking mountain peaks, Cascade is spread along several bays sheltered from the inflow winds and is a family/pet friendly site, the crystal clear waters make paddle boarding, kayaking and swimming a pure delight, whilst exploring the on-site trails offer numerous stunning view points and remote openings to sit back and relax.

Let’s call a spade a spade, no one enjoys pit toilets (face coverings actually come in very handy!), but as soon as you embrace the rustic elements of camping, this delightful spot is undeniably beautiful, and we’d place a bet that you will be the camping-type after a trip here.

Cascade Peninsula info, tips and tricks

  • The road into Cascade Peninsula is a forest service road with gravel, potholes and dust, so make sure to take caution and drive slowly.
  • Remember there is no running water, so make sure to bring plenty for yourself and your washing up! That also means no shower, so either embrace the lifestyle (we’re taking wet wipes) or wash with natural soaps to that won’t harm the surroundings. 
  • The campsite encourages you to bring your own ‘clean trip kit’, which includes hand sanitizer, gloves and toilet paper.
  • Campfires are not permitted, so make sure you bring extra layers to stay warm, even in the summer months.
  • Prep or cook your food beforehand so everything is ready to heat and serve (this makes your life so much easier).
  • First come, first serve is available (cash only) if you’re not able to reserve.

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