B.C. Bucket List: Experience a Houseboat Getaway on Shuswap Lake

From must-see attractions to outdoor adventures and more, discover and explore the best B.C. has to offer

From must-see attractions to outdoor adventures and more, discover and explore the best B.C. has to offer

Whether you grew up on the West Coast, have recently moved here, or are just planning to visit, there’s no doubt you’ve got a bunch of West Coast adventures you can’t wait to cross off your bucket list. To help you prioritize that list, we’re sharing some of our must-do B.C. experiences so you don’t miss out.
Facebook/Twin Anchors Houseboat VacationsFacebook/Twin Anchors Houseboat Vacations

Experience: Twin Anchors Houseboats, Shuswap Lake 

Cost: From $1,369 for three nights, $1,598 for four and $2,054 for seven

How to get there: Five hours and 30 minutes from Vancouver; View route here

Bucket list factor: Houseboating is a totally unique experience, and one that everyone should add to the ultimate bucket list. Whether it’s with family or friends, getting out on the lake for a few dayssurrounded by pristine, sandy beaches, towering waterfalls, warm, clear water and beautiful mountain backdropsis sure to create some unforgettable memories. There really is no better place to watch the sun rise and set. 

So, how does it work?

Located on beautiful Shuswap Lake in Sicamous, Twin Anchors has been hosting guests since 1977, which means they know their stuff. Plus, no boating experience is required for guests, which may sound a little daunting, but the team will take you through a comprehensive boat orientation and prepare you to ply the alluring waters of Shuswap Lake like a pro.

11 different cruisers are available to rent (prices vary throughout the seasons), with the option to choose from three-night, four-night, five-night or seven-night stays on boats that can home groups of six up to 24, with larger cruisers bigger than most Vancouver apartments. And, if the experience of staying on a floating home isn’t enough for you, every boat comes with a swim ladder and sundeck, an above-deck hot tub and waterslide. It doesn’t get better than that.

All boats are equipped with cooking, BBQ and eating utensils, cleaning equipment, marine toilet tissue and biodegradable soap, so all you need to show up with are groceries, water and beverages—although there is a gift shack floating mid-lake if you run out of the necessities—towels, bedding, and any other amenities you want like floaties, games etc. 

Helpful houseboating tips: 

  • Review the map and get recommendations from the marina for the best spots to see and dock at night before departing;
  • Bring more water and food than you need. The last thing you want to do is run out of either. And, remember, simplicity is key when cooking onboard, so figure out meals with your group before you go;
  • Pack as if you were going to the beach. That includes camping chairs, blankets, beach games, sea shoes etc.;
  • You’ll likely live in the same clothes most of the time, if not just in your swim suit, so pack minimally;
  • Take full advantage of stargazing whilst in the hottub at night:
  • Don’t forget the bug spray;
  • Relax and have fun! 

Houseboating is a one-of-a-kind experience, and whether you go for week or weekend, vacationing on a boat with your nearest and dearest is sure to create everlasting memories. 2Instagram/Rhiannon Jones