B.C. Bucket List: Vancouver’s Cherry Blossom Season

From must-see attractions to outdoor adventures and more, discover and explore the best B.C. has to offer

From must-see attractions to outdoor adventures and more, discover and explore the best B.C. has to offer

Whether you grew up on the West Coast, have recently moved here, or are just planning to visit, there’s no doubt you’ve got a bunch of adventures you can’t wait to cross off your bucket list. To help you prioritize, we’re sharing some of our must-do B.C. experiences so you don’t miss out.

Experience: Immerse yourself in Vancouver’s cherry blossom season

Location: Numerous locations 

Bucket list factor: As more than 40,000 cherry trees burst with beautiful blooms, Vancouverites and visitors alike dust off their spring jackets and head to the streets to witness the annual pink spectacle. This prominent springtime occasion in the city pays homage to the time-honoured Japanese custom of hanami, which involves appreciating the beauty of flowers, particularly cherry blossoms.

There are more than 50 distinct types of cherry blossoms in Vancouver with a slightly varying peak bloom time. Typically, each tree flowers for a duration of approximately 14 days and commences blooming anytime from mid-March to the end of April.

Although cherry blossoms are scattered throughout the city, there are specific neighbourhoods in Vancouver that offer a more impressive display of these blooms. Below are some recommended locations for spotting Cherry Blossoms in Vancouver.

  • Arbutus Ridge: One of the most sought-after destinations for cherry blossoms is the stretch of eight consecutive blocks along West 22nd Avenue, from Arbutus Street to Carnavon Street, where the trees appear to extend for miles. This location is also home to the well-known Instagram account, Cherry Blossom Madness.
  • Kitsilano: Keep an eye out for beautiful blooms along the southern side of West 6th Ave., from Arbutus to Yew St. Additionally, there is a lovely arrangement of blossoms on 1st Avenue, just west of Burrard. Kits Park or Vanier Park also offer an excellent spot to observe the exceptional cherry trees in their prime.
  • Queen Elizabeth Park: Groups of trees can be observed throughout the entire park, encompassing the entrance on 33rd from Cambie and the duck pond.
  • Yaletown: Visit David Lam Park to stroll along paths adorned with stunning blossoms, set against the backdrop of the cityscape.
  • West End/Stanley Park: From the bus loop to the Japanese Canadian War Memorial in Stanley Park, a splendid double row of Shirotae trees lines the path, while Chilco and Comox Mini-Park boasts numerous trees that extend from Comox through the park and along the adjacent street to Nelson.

For other beautiful spots to find the best cherry blossoms in Vancouver, follow the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival map guide here

And if you’re looking for more, through accessible public performances and exhibitions, the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival enhances the general public’s enjoyment and artistic appreciation by offering a diverse range of activities, including tree talks, walks, bike rides, and picnics.