David Suzuki does Squamish

David Suzuki to speak about sustainable development and communities—get tix now!

Credit: Wikipedia Commons/topend

David Suzuki is coming to Squamish! For many of us as children, David Suzuki’s show was a regular on television, teaching us about the importance of our relationship with the natural world and how we can co-exist together. Through his show, Suzuki raised an entire generation of Canadians to appreciate and connect with the environment.

On May 22, at Brennan Park in Squamish, Suzuki will offer a rapt audience inspiring and realistic leading-edge insights into sustainable development and communities, and model a world in which humanity can live well and still protect the environment.

Tickets can be purchased online or at The Squamish Adventure Centre (604-815-5084 / email).

For more information, call 1-877-815-5084 or visit Tourism Squamish.

A clip from David Suzuiki’s The Nature of Things, the television show that raised
a generation of concerned Canadians.