Dig Into the Gibsons Food Scene Like A Local

From carefully curated confections to homegrown hops, the food scene in Gibsons is a must-try for foodies looking to get a taste of the Sunshine Coast

From carefully curated confections to homegrown hops, the food scene in Gibsons is a must-try for foodies looking to get a taste of the Sunshine Coast


A laugh bursts from your lips as you cup your hand above your brow to block the glare of the sun. Your other hand reaches for the ice-cold glass sitting on the table in front of you, and as you guzzle a swig of chilled beer, you feel the refreshing fizz fill your mouth. Is that a hint of citrus and melon tickling your taste buds?

Just as you feel a twinge of hunger hit, a thick wooden platter topped with an assortment of freshly made fare is placed before you. Instead of the greasy pub food you’d expect from a small-town brewery, you’re treated to piping-hot, brick-oven-baked pizza, topped with smoked salmon and hand-picked herbs from the on-site garden, and summer rolls filled with noodles, crisp cucumbers, mixed greens and colourful edible flowers.

This is just a taste of what the food scene on the Sunshine Coast has to offer. Here are some must-try spots to sip and savour on the Sunshine Coast, found only in the stunning seaside town of Gibsons, BC.


1. Emelle’s Market Bistro

Whether you’re looking for an eggs Benny brunch or a well-stacked “Butcher’s Beef Burger,” Emelle’s drool-worthy dishes are worth the dining drop-in. Named after owner and executive chef Mary Lee Newnham, Emelle’s has skyrocketed from a small-town bistro to an award-winning catering service, recognized as the “Best Caterer” in Westender‘s “Best of the City” rankings for 2017.
Local fave: Emelle’s is known for serving “the best eggs Benny on the Coast,” a local favourite. Grab a Benny for brunch and eat it in the neighbouring great room of the Gibsons Public Market, a community hub featuring vaulted wooden ceilings and sweeping views of the marina.


2. Gibsons Public Market

For some delectable take-home treats, head to the new Gibsons Public Market, a neighbourhood gathering place that marries a wide selection of gourmet goods with a welcoming community spirit to create the ultimate one-stop shopping spot.
Check out Art Meets Chocolate for hand-crafted, small-batch chocolate creations, including unique bars wrapped in colourful paintings created by local artists to reflect the marriage of chocolate, art, and community to create munch-able masterpieces.
The market also features Fromagerie De Baie, a gourmet cheese retailer, The Butcher Express, little brother to the full-sized neighbourhood butcher shop found in Upper Gibsons, and The Fisherman’s Market, one of five locations offering BC’s best fresh seafood catches.
Local fave: Locals love to pick up a fresh selection of meats, cheeses, olives and sweet treats, and enjoy a midday picnic on the grassy hill of Winegarden Waterfront Park on warm weekends.


3. Mike’s Place Gelato

A visit to Gibsons is never complete without an ice-cold indulgence at Mike’s Place Gelatothe first gelato spot to open on the Sunshine Coast, and a favourite among born-and-raised locals and first-time visitors alike. Offering 66 flavours of house-made, true Italian-style gelato, this is the hottest place in town to cool down after a day in the sun.
Local fave: Locals love picking up a cone topped with their favourite gelato flavour and settling in on the sun-drenched patio where they can visit with friends; or strolling down to the pier where they can watch the boats come into the marina while seated on the benches that line the walkway. This is a favourite warm-weather day treat, whether to stay, or to enjoy on the go.


4. Persephone Brewing Company

In only a few years, Persephone Brewinga hip hop-growing beer farm located on 11 acres of land in Gibsonshas become a must-visit spot for craft-beer aficionados and food lovers from all corners of the globe. The on-site Farm To Feast food truck (Airstream Trailer), features a brick-oven pizza and freshly-made fare using hand-picked ingredients, is reason enough alone to visit this tasty spot.
Local fave: Families love spending sunny weekend afternoons sipping on beer and snacking on flavourful selections from the Farm To Feast food truck while listening to the live music of local bands. Kids can run around on the expansive open grass space or play on the play structure, while parents can relax and enjoy a visit with friends.


5. Gibsons Tapworks

Head to Gibsons Tapworks, a newly opened microbrewery, for late-night bevies and a wide range of local events. Tucked behind the bustling main stretch of the popular Lower Gibsons shopping strip, this months-old spot is sure to become the top local watering hole. While the space is bright and modern, Tapworks has a laid-back, friend-next-door feela perfect spot to sip on a flight of beer with your buddies.
Local fave: Outdoor enthusiasts love heading to Tapworks for the Thursday night video series featuring mountain biking movies and occasional appearances by top-ranked mountain bikers.