Doing Nothing on BC’s Sunshine Coast

Sometimes there's nothing better than getting away for a weekend to do nothing but eat and sleep. Welcome to the Sunshine Coast

Credit: Lisa Manfield

There’s a lot to do and see on the Sunshine Coast, but why not just relax?

There’s no shortage of activities to keep you busy on a visit to BC’s Sunshine Coast. But if you’d prefer to do nothing at all, it’s a great place to just kick back

Outdoor enthusiasts flock to the Sunshine Coast for its hiking, kayaking, diving and soaking up the rays in a place that definitely lives up to its name. Not to mention the inevitable tourist visits to Gibsons’ famous former Beachcombers TV set/restaurant – Molly’s Reach.

But none of those reasons are what brought me there for my first visit in my 22 years of living on the west coast. No, I went for the peace and quiet. I went to do nothing.

Doing Next to Nothing on the Sunshine Coast, Oh Yeah

It wasn’t hard: the stress of city life melts almost instantly as you leave the ferry in Langdale and make your way toward Gibsons’ sparkling harbour. A walk around the harbour area and a quick browse through the bookstore was enough activity for me before making my way to the B&B in Sechelt where I spent three nights doing very little at all.

Except eating, that is. Sechelt Inlet B&B is run by a lovely couple who keep a meticulous guest house known for its three-course morning meals. Think fruit salads and yogurt followed by fresh-baked scones and muffins topped with frittatas, omelets and egg-filled crepes.

Doing anything at all after a meal like that is virtually impossible, which is why their patio overlooking the inlet is the second-best feature (after the breakfasts) of a stay in this idyllic place.

When digestion has occurred and moving is once again possible, there are lovely walking trails in the area, including a beach-front boardwalk, so that you can make a bit of space for the next meal.

If you’re feeling a little more ambitious, you can drive up the coast to Egmont and do an easy hour-long hike to the Skookumchuck rapids to see the daredevil kayakers play in the waves. On the way out, a bakery hidden in the forest beckons to those who are really only there for the food and the relaxation.

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