Silence in the Cathedrals

Trevor and two of the SLLP participants plug into nature while hiking in the Cathedrals.

Credit: Flickr / Tim Gage

Cathedrals, August 20

A rising sun against the pillar-like mountains and complete silence sets the scene for this morning. The camp has taken a vow of silence for the first half of the day. Once the morning routine is complete, the hiking boots are on and we all set out in our separate directions.

I set out with two of the other participants to summit the small mountain that backs onto our camp. In total silence we hike through the foreign desert landscape, making footprints and following the big horn trails that scar the rolling hills. Once at the top we are rewarded with a view of the razor that appears now like a small cut through the canyon.

All too often we are plugged into our mp3 players, TVs, computers and cellphones. A pause at the top provides the opportunity to “plug into” nature. The sun, the wind and the smell of sage and dust.

After some reflection at the top we slip slide down the mountain back to camp. The rest of the day is spent working on projects and team building. As the sun retreats for the day, the scene is set for a shadow dance party and a night spent under the stars.

[Note: Trevor will be taking over for Mike. Trevor lives in the Coquitlam Rivershed. He has a personal challenge for this trip … which is to eat as a vegetarian for the entire 25 days. He is intrigued by a lifestyle that focuses on voluntary simplicity, and will be returning to Douglas College this fall enrolled in the Environmental Studies program.]