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Springtime Adventures: One BC Travel Destination Calling Your Name

Explore the thrilling side of spring in Kamloops with hiking, biking and fishing adventures that promise excitement around every corner

As winter fades into memory and the call of new adventures grows louder, Kamloops stands out as an irresistible destination this spring.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker craving adrenaline or in search of serenity (or perhaps a blend of both), Kamloops offers an array of experiences to satisfy every soul. From hiking and mountain biking across sun-kissed hills to casting lines into tranquil waters or teeing off on lush golf courses, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re after a fun change of scene, the outdoor patios offer an unforgettable and energetic vibe. Get ready to embrace the warmth of Kamloops with these four must-see experiences.


Hiking and adventures in Kamloops, BC
Photo: Dylan Sherrard

Whether you’re up for a stroll or ready to conquer wild trails, Kamloops offers a landscape that will leave you in awe. The desert-like valley boasts wide-open grasslands, fragrant sagebrush, ponderosa pine forests, deep gorges, sandstone canyons and chiselled hoodoos that frame every adventure.

Kamloops’ ecosystems host rare and endangered plant species, attracting avid gardeners and birders from far and wide. You will discover a remarkable blend of Ponderosa pine and Interior Douglas-fir forests at varying elevations. And in Spring, vibrant flowers like the Arrowleaf Balsamroot and wild roses paint the landscape. From laid-back paths to rugged terrain, there’s a perfect route for every level of hiker.

Hiking in Kamloops, BC
Photo: Hiking Adventures Await

Our Top Hike Picks:

Kenna Cartwright Nature Park: 800 hectares with 40 kilometres of trails offering epic views of Kamloops and the Thompson Valley makes this a win for us. But don’t forget to relax at the scattered benches and picnic tables and soak in the serenity. Bonus: it’s dog-friendly, so bring your furry pals along.

Peterson Creek Nature Park: This urban city oasis has over 10 kilometres of trails winding through 100 hectares of greenery. It’s perfect for hikers of all levels. During Spring this park bursts with life, welcoming pups for off-leash romps and offering epic views of downtown.

Lac du Bois Protected Grasslands Area: Get ready for some jaw-dropping scenery. Trails like Battle Bluff, Dewdrop and Cinnamon Ridge treat you to stunning views of the Thompson Valley, Kamloops Lake and the Thompson River. And keep your eyes peeled—you might just spot some local celebs, the California bighorn sheep.



Fishing in Kamloops, BC
Photo: Fishing BC Joel Clifton

Kamloops is the ultimate spot for top-notch stillwater fly fishing and a whole range of freshwater adventures. With around 100 lakes to choose from, anglers of every level are in for a treat. As the seasons change, rainbow trout, Northern pikeminnow and bull trout steal the spotlight, offering exciting challenges for all skill levels. And in spring, freshwater shrimp, aka scuds, are the go-to bait for luring in those elusive bites.

Our Top Fishing Picks:

Edith Lake: This is where beginner anglers find their stride. Known locally as the ‘Old Fishing Highway,’ it’s just a quick 25-minute jaunt west of Kamloops off Highway 5A. You’ve got camping, picnic spots, a fishing dock and three boat launches to enjoy. Get ready to reel in some Kamloops rainbow and brook trout.

Tunkwa Lake Provincial Park: This spot is a top-tier fishing destination in BC. Whether you’re in a boat, tube, canoe, or just chilling on the shoreline, you can snag some rainbow trout action. Located just 40 km from Kamloops off Highway 1 West between Savona and Logan Lake, it’s perfect for a quick day trip or a longer adventure.

Roche Lake: Attention all fly fishers. This provincial park, only 35 km from Kamloops, is a fly-fishing paradise. Expect to reel in catches weighing up to 6lbs. With seven world-class stocked rainbow trout lakes, Roche Lake Park is a fly fisher’s dream spot.


Patio dining in Kamloops, BC
Photo: Mary Putnam

From chic and charming to Insta-worthy beachside settings, Kamloops boasts the best patios for soaking up those springtime vibes while treating yourself to delicious sips and culinary delights. It’s like taking a trip around the world, with each patio offering diverse foods and vibes to suit every taste.

Our Top Patio Picks:

Cordo Resto + Bar: Cordo’s patio hour serves up regionally-inspired dishes by executive chef Mitch Shafer. Pro Tip: Don’t skip the Craft Gin Flight or a seasonal sip crafted by the expert mixologists, featuring fresh ingredients paired with regional spirits like Black Moon Smoked Rosemary Gin from Naramata.

Carlos O’Bryan’s: Calling all sun (and shade) seekers! Take your pick from two awesome patios: sidewalk or rooftop. Enjoy fantastic food, a lively Irish-themed atmosphere, and plenty of special promotions, including free birthday meals. Sláinte.

The Noble Pig: Perfect for large groups or people watching, this patio seats 80 people. Fun fact: The Noble Pig’s patio was transformed from an old swimming pool, giving it a unique setting with bench seating along the pool’s edges and a cedar pergola draped with cascading hops. Top Tip: Don’t miss the summer beers and rotating Radlers.

Insider info: Oenophiles, be sure to explore the Kamloops Wine Trail, where tasting with the owner is the norm, not the exception.


Mountain biking in Kamloops, BC
Photo: Dylan Sherrard

Kamloops is the ultimate playground for mountain biking enthusiasts. With rugged canyons, jaw-dropping descents and trails that seem to stretch into infinity, this is where the action can be found. Whether you’re into cross-country or downhill mountain biking, there’s something here for everyone (even the pros can’t get enough). Trails cater to every level. And if you’re seeking an adrenaline rush, don’t miss out on Canada’s largest municipal bike park—the Bike Ranch—where every ride is a wild adventure (note: the pump track will be reopening this summer).

Our Top Mountain Biking Picks:

Stake Lake Trails: This is a great spot for cross-country riders. Embark on an epic journey through scenic double track greens following the cross-country ski trails, or take on the challenge of the new 3.2 km intermediate blue loop on Royal Wedding & Hornet trails. For those craving a challenge, the 7.4 km black diamond Stomp Trail provides some technical thrills.

Kenna Cartwright Park: This gem boasts over 40 km of mountain bike trails winding through sagebrush and pine trees. As you navigate the park’s perimeter, soak in breathtaking panoramic city views. Plus, it’s the perfect spot for an evening ride as the sun sets, adding a magical touch to your biking adventure.

Harper Mountain: Calling all downhill and cross-country enthusiasts. Harper Mountain’s rugged slopes and scenic trails beckon riders of all skill levels. Whether you pedal up the road climb or shuttle with friends, you’ll find yourself descending down one of 15 thrilling trails, including the iconic race run hosting the Canadian Enduro Series in May.

Family fun in Jamloops, BC
Photo: Dylan Sherrard

The fun doesn’t end there. Golfing, food trucks, wineries and events galore await in this playground destination. For an authentic insider experience, sign up for the ‘Loops Explorer Pass and unlock exclusive deals at Kamloops’ favourite spots. With Tourism Kamloops, uncover countless reasons to make your springtime memorable.


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