Whistler’s Vallea Lumina is an Experience Like No Other

Escape to the mountains and step into a wonderland of lights that will delight your senses

Escape to the mountains and step into a wonderland of lights that will delight your senses

“Old stories tell of the wondrous things that happen near Whistler. Between the trees, in the shadow of mountains, legends say there’s a hidden valley where stardust falls from the sky, filling all living things with its pure light”

Just a short 10-minute car ride from Whistler Village will see you standing among the trees at the ranger’s base camp of Cougar Mountain, ready and waiting to begin your excursion through the hidden valley.

Presented by Moment Factory, the Montreal-based entertainment studio responsible for a handful of similar interactive light shows globally, along with Whistler’s very own The Adventure Group, Vallea Lumina ignites adventure and guides visitors through a multimedia-illuminated narrative and journey in search of hidden wonders. 

Following a father and daughter in pursuit of a secret valley where stardust supposedly falls from the sky, the experience gives visitors the chance to engage with the tale during one unique and immersive evening. Surrounded by lights, soundscapes and special effects designed to heighten your journey, track cryptic radio transmissions, hidden clues and watch the magical adventure unfold before your eyes.

Below are our tips to make the most of this can’t-miss experience…


1. Getting there

There is no parking at Vallea Lumina, but a complimentary return shuttle service departing from Whistler’s Gateway Bus Loop will bring you to and from the base camp. Parking at Whistler is available at Village Day Lots.

2. What to wear

Layers. Lots of layers. And a good pair of winter boots. Light walks start from dusk, so make sure to wrap up warmly as temperatures will drop.

3. Bring the family

Trail conditions vary depending on weather, but with minimal walking and steady terrain, all ages can enjoy the magic of Vallea Lumina. Although walks begin at sundown, lighting is ample and there are guided ropes throughout to lead you. “Forrest Rangers” are stationed along the trail should you require any assistance and benches are placed accordingly for a place to rest.

4. Share your moments

Flash photography is not permitted, but there are plenty of photo opps available to you throughout the experience. Tag @ValleaLumina | #ValleaLumina on social media to join in on the fun.

5. Amenities

The Cougar Cafe snack bar is onsite if you’re in need of a treat before or after the experience—we recommend grabbing a couple of s’mores to toast on the firepits dotted around the entrance. It’s also a great place to regroup and discus the wonders of the walk. Restrooms are also also available at the venue.

The winter journey is open now until May 2020; tickets from $24.99 (booking in advance is recommended); details online