Holiday Cocktails for a Nice ‘n Naughty Holiday Romance

Sure-fire let’s-get-busy holiday drinks that’ll leave you feeling a little nicer and maybe a little naughtier this season.

Holiday cocktails to secure that midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve

Holiday drinks romance

Don’t want to spend the holidays alone this year? We talked to some of the best bartenders in the world for their sure-fire let’s-get-busy holiday drinks—cocktails that’ll leave you feeling a little nicer and maybe a little naughtier this season.

Chambord Fleur De Lis

Consider cruising your holiday office party for your next date. More and more people (67 percent, in fact) are hooking up at office parties this year according to the Wall Street Journal. Serve up that stat with this drink to the office hottie; you’ll sound smart just breathing the words “Wall Street Journal.”

¾ oz Chambord Flavored Vodka
¾ oz Chambord Liqueur
2 oz lemonade
1 oz cranberry juice
Cherry garnish

Shake all ingredients (except the garnish) with ice and pour into a rocks glass. Garnish with a cherry.

A Perfect “Pear”

You walk a thin line between cheesy and sweet, but if you’re sincere and the object of your affection is receptive, whisper that the two of you make a “perfect pair” when you offer this drink.

1 oz Lucid Absinthe
1 oz pear vodka
1 oz pear puree
4 oz lemon-lime soda
1 mint sprig or cucumber round

In a cocktail shaker, add ice, absinthe, pear vodka and pear puree. Shake vigorously and strain into a highball glass. Top with lemon-lime soda. Garnish with a mint sprig or cucumber round.


Order two Stingers—one for you, one for her—and impress her with your knowledge of Cary Grant’s favourite drink. A proper Stinger will taste like Christmas in a glass—slightly minty, with undertones of cognac.

2 ¾ oz Cognac or Brandy (such as Hennessey XO)
¾ oz white crème de menthe or pastille
Shake and serve over crushed ice.

This is a foolproof drink if you order it right (even after you’ve had a couple).

Finlandia Mistletoe

Stealing kisses just got a lot easier…

2 oz. Finlandia Mango
1 oz. pomegranate juice
Splash of triple sec

Shake into a cocktail glass with a white or green sugar rim and a mint sprig to garnish.

Snow Job

If you’re feeling particularly cocky one night, and aren’t shy to test the waters, sidle up to that honey at the bar and ask for a Snow Job. If you don’t get slapped, you may be in for another kind of job later that night.

2 Oz. Pear Schnapps
1 Oz. heavy cream or half-and-half
Pinch cinnamon

Mix all ingredients (except cinnamon) with ice in a shaker or blender. Sprinkle ground cinnamon on top.

Tennessee Toddy

Got your eye on a solid hunk of man? Chances are he’ll appreciate a good Whiskey drink instead of something minty or girly. Enter the infamous holiday hot toddy—talk about old fashioned. Your friend and mine, Mr. Jack Daniels, helps bring this antiquated cocktail back into fashion with a fresh kick.

1 oz. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey
1 tsp. honey
4-6 oz. boiling water
Squeeze of lemon

Mix ingredients in a mug and stir. Garnish with a lemon wheel, or just toss it into the mug. (It’ll probably just end up there anyways).

Mrs. Grinch

If the villain with the heart two sizes too small had a lady-grinch, this would warm her up for a little lovin’ after all the Whos in Whoville quiet down.

1 oz. Lucid Absinthe
1 ½ oz. Midori Melon Liqueur
Splash of ginger ale
2-3 lime wedges
1 lime

In a rocks glass, muddle lime wedges. Add ice, Midori Melon Liqueur and Lucid Absinthe. Shake vigorously and return to rocks glass. Add ginger ale and garnish with a lime spiral.

Bloody Reindeer

Had a bit of a rough night yesterday? Maybe your boss scheduled the office party on a Wednesday (who does that!?). Make yourself one of these for a little hair of the reindeer that bit you.

1 ½ oz vodka
6 oz clamato juice
1 ½ oz beef broth
2 tsp lemon juice
¼ tsp hot pepper sauce
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
Pinch of nutmeg

Pour the ingredients into a highball glass with ice. Stir well. Sprinkle with nutmeg. Feel instantly better.

Peppermint Mocha Hot Chocolate

Breakfast in bed? Why not! Make it a lazy day together and start breakfast off with a couple of these.

2 parts milk
1 part drinking chocolate
1 part Kahlúa Peppermint Mocha
Peppermint stick and marshmallows (optional)

Bring milk to a simmer. Whisk in drinking chocolate. Simmer for 30 seconds while stirring. Add Kahlúa Peppermint Mocha. Garnish with peppermint stick and marshmallows.

Non-alcoholic Holiday Drinks

For those who don’t need to get their spouse soused in order to get laid, try one of these delicious, non-alcoholic drinks.

Chai Cider

A twist on traditional holiday cider, this is a warm liquid hug on a cold winter night.

1 tea bag Masala spice chai tea (unbrewed)
2 cups apple cider
1 tsp agave nectar
1 tsp fresh lemon juice

Pour nectar and lemon juice into a mug. Heat the apple cider to a near boil. Pour hot cider into the mug, stir, then add the tea bag. Allow to steep for 3-5 minutes before removing the tea bag. This one is a bit more work, but it’s worth it and everyone will love it.

Angel’s Kiss Punch

Got your eye on the gorgeous designated driver? This punch is delicious and will get everyone home safely.

64 oz. white grape juice
56 oz. club soda
32 oz. strong green tea
16 oz. lemon juice
1 c. sugar syrup

Mix all ingredients (except the club soda) and place in refrigerator until well chilled. Pour the chilled mixture into a punch bowl and add a block or cake of ice. Add club soda and stir gently. Makes approx 42 four-ounce servings.

Cider Nog

For a truly classic non-alcoholic holiday drink, there's the Cider Nog courtesy of the Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book.

Apple cider (amount varies depending on how big the glass is)
1 egg or egg substitute
1 Tbsp sugar

Pour the egg and sugar in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well. Strain into an old-fashioned glass and fill with chilled cider.