Three New Drinks to Try this Summer

Beer and wine lovers have something new to sip this summer

Credit: Flickr / Herve Kerneis

Skinnygrape, Canada’s new low-calorie wine, lets you have it all this summer

If you prefer beer, wine and coolers to fancy schmancy cocktails, try one of these cold ones this summer

If your favourite summer cooling strategies come in tall glasses, here are a few drinks that will keep you well-watered this summer.

In fact, these three new favourites hit the spot whether you’re out for dinner, hanging on a patio, or chilling at home after the baby goes to sleep.



Pacific Pilsner

If you’re a beer drinker, take a swig of this. Pacific Pilsner has a classic, refreshing taste. It’s crisp, clean and has no aftertaste. If you love European-style beer, I would suggest giving this one a try. Pacific Pilsner has just a hint of citrus, which makes it the perfect pairing for my all-time favourite food: hot wings! Beer and wings: it doesn’t get any better than that.


Have you always been into coolers? Then you definitely need to get your hands on Bassano Hard Soda. It’s a combination of premium vodka, sparkling spring water, and natural flavours. Inspired by classic Italian soda, Bassano has a crisp natural taste with a clean finish. It comes in two flavours: Lemon Sanguinelli and Raspberry Pomelo. 


You’re welcome (in advance) wine lovers! At only 80 calories per glass, Skinnygrape is Canada’s new low-calorie wine: the perfect fit for the wine drinker who wants it all guilt-free. Plus it’s bursting with crisp, refreshing flavour that’s nothing short of fabulous.