November Wine: Foxtrot’s Pinot Noir

Sommelier Van Doren Chan on what to pair with pan-seared sablefish.

Credit: Adam Blasberg

Ask a Sommelier

The Expert: Van Doren Chan (who looks remarkably like a character from a Manet painting), sommelier at Vancouver’s Elixir Bistro

The Dish: Pan-seared sablefish with braised cabbage, morteau sausage and walnut jus. $28

The Pairing: Foxtrot Vineyards Pinot Noir, 2005, $120 list 

I’ve picked a red wine rather than a white – a B.C. Pinot Noir from Foxtrot Vineyards – to complement all the flavours of this dish. Sablefish is such a fatty fish that it needs a red to cut through that fat. The acidity of this Pinot accomplishes this while also matching up with the flavour of the morteau sausage. As well, the tannins of the wine complement the walnut jus.

Foxtrot is a great wine, arguably one of the best B.C. Pinot Noirs on the shelf right now. It’s aged in Allier oak barrels and new barrels are used each vintage. The fantastic richness of this wine centres on succulent, dark berry flavours – ripe cherry, dark plum – and is enhanced by spicy oak elements. It’s a light but serious Pinot with a marvellous mid palate and a silky, lengthy finish. Our B.C. terroir produces a very different Pinot from other regions. But we have a very similar climate to the Jura region of Burgundy, which is where the pork for the morteau sausage originates.

At home, I’d probably chill this wine, then serve it at 12 to 15 degrees Celsius. That way it will be more fruit-forward, and the acidity will come down a little bit, as will the tannins.

as told to Alexandra Barrow

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