Perfect Pairings: Try Prosciutto di Parma with Beer

Add an unexpected twist to your holiday menu with these unique beer and prosciutto pairings

Add an unexpected twist to your holiday menu with these unique beer and prosciutto pairings

Available now at select retailers across Canada under its official name, Prosciutto di Parma, this premium, 100 per cent all natural ham from Parma, Italy will add a special touch to your holiday recipes. Made from only four ingredients—pork, sea salt, air and time—Prosciutto di Parma is naturally gluten-, preservative- and hormone-free, providing you with an authentic and pure dining experience.

While a good wine paired with Prosciutto di Parma can make any meal extraordinary, beer can complement prosciutto dishes seamlessly by balancing out the saltiness and providing a crisp, smooth finish.

1. Arugula and Prosciutto di Parma salad, with a witbier

The savoury sweetness of Prosciutto di Parma is balanced by a tangy fig jam dressing and tart nectarines, making this an ideal salad to capture every taste of the holiday season. Pair with a Belgian witbier as it’s flavourful enough to support the prosciutto, but mild enough not to overwhelm the delicate, leafy salad.
Suggested beer: Hoegaarden

2. Seared scallops, asparagus and Prosciutto di Parma, with a pilsner

Scallops and Prosciutto di Parma pair impeccably as they both feature a faintly sweet aroma and flavoursome texture. With a few simple ingredients, this prosciutto-wrapped scallop dish adds considerable sophistication as a classic hors d’oeuvre or entree at any holiday meal. Bring it all together by pairing it with a crisp, clean pilsner—German or Bohemian—to cleanse the palate after each bite.
Suggested beer: Holsten Premium

3. Prosciutto di Parma-wrapped figs, with a barley wine

Prosciutto di Parma-wrapped figs—whether fresh, roasted or dried—are a perfect, light appetizer for holiday gatherings. Serve on their own or with other fresh fruits, cheese and nuts for a versatile party platter. The savoury prosciutto balances the creamy sweetness of the fresh figs and pairs seamlessly with a barley wine: a strong ale that flavours rich, bready notes reminiscent of molasses, caramel or even toffee.
Suggested beer: Cameron’s Where the Buffalo Roam barley wine

4. Prosciutto di Parma-wrapped turkey or pork loin, with an IPA

Brighten up a traditional holiday roast by wrapping it in Prosciutto di Parma for the ultimate finishing touch. Drizzle with a pomegranate-port reduction and fill with a pistachio-cranberry stuffing; the balanced sweet and salty prosciutto and tart pomegranate make for a delicious duo. Pair with a classic British-style India pale ale as it will complement the caramelized char of the meat and balance the salt.
Suggested beer: Goose Island IPA

Complete recipes and additional pairing ideas available online.

To ensure you’re enjoying real Parma ham from Italy, look for the five-point Parma Crown on all Prosciutto di Parma packaging.