Tangoo Resto-Cocktail Hop Plans the Perfect Night Out

Leave the planning to Tangoo for your next night out and you'll enjoy new restaurants, food and dining companions

Credit: Tangoo

Tangooers enjoy an entertaining game of Jenga at one stop on the hop

Take the hassle out of scheduling your night out. Tangoo plans your evening so you can enjoy three of Vancouver’s top restaurants in a spontaneous, affordable and friendly way

Planning a night out in Vancouver can be difficult and time consuming. Schedules, budgets, and restaurants have to be taken into consideration, which eliminates spontaneity and can sometimes lead to a disappointing evening. 

This is where Tangoo comes in. It gets rid of these factors by providing you with a pre-planned yet spontaneous and affordable night showcasing some of the city’s top restaurants.

I had the good fortune to attend one of these events and was pleasantly surprised.

Sign up for Tangoo

The sign-up process is simple. You make your way to Tangoo‘s website and select the date you would like to attend. The evening is split into three time periods, each featuring a different restaurant.

The first venue hosts the appetizers and a drink, the second takes care of your dinner and dessert, and the final stop is for a late-night beverage. All the restaurants are in one neighbourhood and within walking distance from each other.

Once you’ve selected all three, you pay $50, which includes all taxes and gratuities.

First Stop: Terracotta Restaurant

Modern Chinese fare at Terracotta Restaurant (image by Terracotta)

I decided to be a daring first-time Tangooer and attended the event solo. The first stop was Gastown’s modern Chinese restaurant Terracotta. I was greeted by Tangoo’s CEO, co-founder and host for the evening, Paul Davidescu, who seated me and gave me a pre-set Tangoo menu for appetizer and drink selections.

Within minutes others joined me at the table, and as the server came around to take our orders, I started to learn more about these people. The menu simplified the ordering process, giving us more of an opportunity to socialize.

After about an hour at this location, our host advised us that it was time to move on to the next restaurant. We all got up as a group, conversations still going, and started our walk over to Calabash Bistro.

Second Stop: Calabash Bistro

Caribbean dessert at Calabash Bistro (image by Calabash Bistro)

After a quick walk from Terracotta we landed at Gastown’s Caribbean gem, Calabash Bistro. Two large tables were set aside for Tangoo and as we all took a seat I was separated from the group I met at the first location. However, this allowed me to mingle a little more and learn about the other attendees.

Nothing makes an evening more entertaining than a game of Jenga, which our host set up on each table. The crowd jumped in immediately, laughing and taking pictures, making this evening no different from a fun night out with my own friends.

Once again, the menu was pre-set with a few different options and both courses were delicious and filling. The restaurant featured live music, quick service, and great staff, all of which tied in well with the event.

Just two hours later we prepared to make our way to our third and final stop, Clough Club.

Final Stop: Clough Club

Clough Club features a candlelit environment and a mesmerizing infinity mirror (image by Tangoo)

A small and intimate lounge, Clough Club was the perfect setting for our late night drink. Once again, I joined a new group of people, but by now everyone was walking around, talking to each other. Since this was the last stop for the night, we could stay at the lounge for as long as we chose to.

As I looked around I saw how comfortable we had become around each other, especially since some of us had just met four hours ago. After some more laughs, intriguing conversations and an excellent glass of wine, I bid farewell to my new friends and made my way home satisfied by how well my evening went.

Interaction Made Easy

As a solo attendee I was definitely worried about the social aspect, but bringing everyone together for one purpose made interactions easy. Other Tangooers showed up with friends, co-workers, or as couples, yet still became a part of the group.

Each restaurant was well-picked and having three venues kept the evening spontaneous and enjoyable. These factors combined with the affordable pricing and hassle-free planning definitely make Tangoo the ideal setting for anyone seeking the ultimate night out in Vancouver.

Visit Tangoo‘s website for more information.