The Best Boozy Milkshakes in Vancouver

Milkshakes + booze = Oh. Hell. Yes. Indulge in these sweet, milky libations packed full of the good stuff - Vitamin D and calcium, obviously

Credit: Ben Oliver

We’ve rounded up Vancouver’s best alcohol-infused milkshakes (and a spiked float) to satisfy your creamy cocktail cravings

What’s better than a milkshake? A milkshake with alcohol, duh. The sweet treat has been reinvented in a grown-up way and we’ve rounded up Vancouver’s best boozy shakes (and a spiked float) to satisfy your creamy cocktail cravings.  

The Hawaiian Pirate

(pictured above)

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, mango and pineapple rum in a vanilla shake, $8

Lucy’s Eastside Diner, 2708 Main Street

Credit: Ben Oliver

Blow My Mint

Kahlua and Crème de Cacao in a mint shake, $8

Lucy’s Eastside Diner, 2708 Main Street 

Credit: Ben Oliver

The Legendary Shake

Wild Turkey Bourbon, bacon, milk, chocolate ice cream, $8.49 SINGLE, $11.49 DOUBLE

Save On Meats, 43 West Hastings Street

Credit: Ben Oliver

The Creamsicle

A vanilla shake with Grand Marnier and whipped cream, $11

The Templeton, 1087 Granville Street


Credit: Ben Oliver

Spiked Root Beer Float

Vodka, Galliano, root beer, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry, $7

Red Wagon Café, 2296 East Hastings Street