The Boozecan Boozes it Up and Down West Broadway

A guide on where to drink and mingle along the notoriously vanilla corridor of West Broadway from local bloggers Andrew and Wayne of

Credit: The Boozecan

Neighbourhood bars and pubs along West Broadway, Vancouver

Granville gets the goods on where to drink and mingle along the notoriously vanilla corridor of Vancouver’s West Broadway from local bloggers Andrew and Wayne of


This month, Granville Online embarks on a new series with the ever-colourful boys of The Boozecan, a local blog exploring Vancouver’s bar scene (among other “hop” topics). For the series, Granville asked The Boozecan’s Andrew and Wayne for tips on finding a good neighbourhood drinking hole in Vancouver. First up is West Broadway/Kits.


As we begin our “boozeploration” (nice one, huh?) of Vancouver ‘hoods, we thought we’d start off with that rather expansive stretch known as West Broadway (for our purposes, that means Broadway west of Granville St all the way to Alma). For those of you who think the street is little more than another strip of mediocre, corporate foodery and good-timey swillery outlets like Cactus Club, Earls, etc., you’re right—but only partly. 


But don’t expect us to review any of these cookie-cutter Denny’s Does Dallas knock-offs; that’d be about as useful as reviewing McDonald’s—”… homeless dude swearing at himself next to us gave surroundings an added unwashed realism. Quarter pounder avec fromage had rubbery familiarity with slight top note of industrial cleaning product, all on a hand-dropped, floor-trodden ‘bun’…”


Dig a little deeper, go a little further and grab another drink—this part of town is full of boozy surprises. Some good, some not so good. But that’s part of the fun for us—”suffering” so you don’t have to. Since we want to start this series off on a high note, let’s start with one of the happy surprises…


Baru Latino Vancouver


Baru Latino serves up some powerful good cocktails

Start with the draught local beer if you must, just don’t bypass the dynamite (double) cocktails at this West Broadway night spot




Wolf and Hound pub, West Broadway, Vancouver


The Wolf and Hound a proper Irish pub

Head to West Broadway’s The Wolf and Hound for a proper Imperial pint and the relaxed pub atmosphere






The Shack Eatery & Water Hole, West Broadway, Vancouver


The Shack Eatery & Watering Hole on West Broadway

Definitely not the best bar in Vancouver, but the poutine is good. And there’s Jenga…





The Fringe Cafe, West Broadway, Vancouver


The Fringe Cafe, the little bar that could

This neighbourhood bar on West Broadway proves character trumps corporate every time





Elwoods bar on broadway


Elwoods, a sociable little joint

A great little Broadway classic provides good eats and drinks, and a social atmosphere to boot




Check back for more reviews to come…



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