Wine Experts Reveal Their Favourite B.C. Rosés

In celebration of national rosé month this June, we asked local sommeliers and wine directors to recommend their top picks

In celebration of national rosé month this June, we asked local sommeliers and wine directors to recommend their top picks


1. Nichol Vineyard – Pinot Gris 2016

Laura Starr, Sommelier, Chambar

Why: “Beautifully salmon in colour, this amazing B.C. vino is actually made with a white grape, but Pinot Gris has a really funky, pink-grey hue, hence the cool colour. You will be hooked at first sip, with a textural body, and bright, ripe orchard fruit, followed by persistent and zippy acidity. This is the definition of crushable.”
Where to buy: It can be ordered direct from the winery or can be purchased at private wine stores.


2. Unsworth Vineyards – Pinot Noir Rose 2016

Lisa Haley, Wine Director, L’Abattoir

Why: “This particular rosé is made from 100% Pinot Noir and is everything you want rosé to be—the nose is full of fresh strawberries, cranberries, orange flowers and a bit of smoke. The palate is dry and fresh and the wine shines as an afternoon aperitif or as a killer pairing with BBQ pork. Easily my favourite B.C. rosé, I’ve been working with it by the glass for quite some time at L’Abattoir. The Turyk family owns this gorgeous vineyard right near the coast on Vancouver Island. They focus on Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and some very fun hybrid varieties developed especially for their vineyards.”
Where to buy: It can be ordered direct from the winery by the case or can be purchased at private wine stores.

3. Sea Star Vineyards – Blanc de Noir

Claire Saksun, Sommelier, Royal Dinette

Why: “I am a huge fan of this Pinot Noir rosé from Sea Star on Pender Island. I really think it is the perfect dry rosé for summer. It’s so alive and vibrant. It’s got this tart raspberry-rhubarb-pie quality and a unique sea breeze minerality, which really brings you to Pender Island with every sip even if you are no where near the beach! I like to pair this wine with fresh seafood, like crab or oysters, but you could drink this wine with almost any course because is it so tasty.”
Where to buy: You can find it at private liquor stores in the city, like Legacy or New District.


4. Black Hills Estate Winery – Rosé

Stephen Whiteside, Beverage Director, Aburi Restaurants (Miku/Minami)

Why: “With a refreshingly playful aroma of rhubarb and raspberries, this rosé’s palate is soft and graceful featuring a beautiful balance of savoury with crisp acidity. Perfect to pair with our tuna tartare or beef carpaccio. This limited edition wine is a great first vintage of 100% Pinot Noir rosé from winemaker Graham Pierce.”
Where to buy: You can find it at select private liquor stores and at the winery itself.

5. Seven Directions Fruitvale Ridge Vineyard – Cabernet Franc Rosé 2015

Pat Allan, Co-owner/Sommelier, The Salted Vine Kitchen + Bar

Why: “This wine has a hint of light rose petal with a rich mouth feel to it. On the nose, there are strawberry and cranberry aromas, leading to flavours of wild strawberry with a hint of peach. The finish is dry and refreshingit reminds me of a Provence rosé. This is a perfect rosé for patio-sipping.”
Where to buy: Available at The Salted Vine Kitchen + Bar by the glass and at select private liquor stores.


6. Vancouver Urban Winery – 2016 Rosé

David Stansfield, Wine Director, Vancouver Urban Winery

Why: “Rosé is my deserted island wine. It’s all I want, all the time. The latest vintage from Vancouver Urban Winery, a purpose-grown pink wine from a single vineyard in Osoyoos, is ideal for days and nights on the beach.”
Where to buy: Exclusively available at Vancouver Urban Winery, The Settlement Building (55 Dunlevy Avenue)