5 Gluten-free Cereals to Kick-start Your Day

No need to let dietary restrictions ruin the most important meal of the day. Check out these gluten-free cereal options for a healthy and delicious alternative

Gluten-free cereal options to start your day

Navigating the cereal aisle when you’re gluten intolerant or celiac can be an exercise in frustration. Sure, the most obvious allergen is often revealed right there in the names (Wheaties, Wheatabix and Shredded Wheat, among others), but any cereal made with barley, rye or oats – and that means most of them – will be off-limits too. (Oats have small amounts of gluten that can be tolerable for those with gluten sensitivities, but must be avoided by celiacs).

Even seemingly safe options like Rice Krispies contain unsafe ingredients like barley malt that make them intolerable to those with gluten allergies.

To fill the morning hunger gap, a whole new crop of gluten-free cereals has begun to sprout on grocery stores shelves, to the benefit of the growing gluten-free marketplace. And while you can’t always find them in big-box grocery stores, many of the smaller, specialty stores have begun stocking these delicious – and nutritious – morning alternatives.

Bakery on Main

This Connecticut-based company offers a line of granola cereals that consist of corn and rice clusters filled with dried fruits and nuts. They’re different than what you might be used to, because they’re not oat-based, but they’re certainly not lacking in flavour, crunch or sweetness. And these dairy-free, non-GMO cereals in come in a variety of combinations ranging from apple, raisin and walnut, to cranberry, orange and cashew to truly wake up your tastebuds.

Buy it at: London Drugs, Whole Foods, Choices
Best served with: Milk or milk substitute

Credit: Glutenull


Glutenull Bakery, based in Coquitlam, offers a Quinoa Granola made with organic agave syrup, almonds, figs, raisins and cranberries, as well as a variety of seeds. Quinoa flakes and buckwheat round out this versatile mix. It’s not too sweet, and offers a filling and undeniably healthy way to start your day.

Buy it at: London Drugs, IGA Marketplace, Nesters
Best served with: Plain yogurt and berries

Qi’a Superfood

This new ancient grain cereal from Nature’s Path only requires two tablespoons to boost your daily nutrition with protein, fibre and Omega 3s. Comprised of chia, buckwheat and hemp seeds, it will leave you feeling like you started your day off on the right foot. 

And if you’re trying to limit your daily sugar intake, this is a good option, as it has no added sugar and just a bit of sweetness from raisins or other dried fruit.

Buy it at: London Drugs, Choices, Nesters Market
Best served with: Milk or milk substitute and a touch of agave syrup or your favourite flavoured yogurt

Your Fitness Dish

One of the hottest superfoods around these days is quinoa, and it’s just as good for breakfast as it is for dinner, especially in flake form, as it comes in this Quinola Granola by Your Fitness Dish. Made in Ontario, this clean, vegan, gluten-free and soy-free cereal contains nothing but quinoa, almonds and a bit of agave syrup and almonds for sweetness and crunch.

Buy it at: Local green grocers and health food stores, or order online
Best served with: Yogurt and fruit

Credit: Enjoy Life

Enjoy Life Cereal

Since 2001, Enjoy Life has provided tasty food options from its Illinois-based gluten-free-certified bakery. Its granolas taste a lot like their more traditional brethren, without the usual gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs or nuts. Made with brown rice flakes, flax seed and rice crisps, with added sweetness from brown rice syrup and raisin juice, this cereal is a real treat. Especially if you opt for the double chocolate flavour.
Buy it at: London Drugs, Planet Organic, Real Canadian Superstore
Best served with: Milk or milk substitute and banana slices