5 Must-try Iced Teas

From bottles to bags, here are the latest and greatest iced teas available in B.C. for summer sipping

Keep your cool this summer with these new iced teas, perfect for summer sipping

GoodDrink Bottled Teas 

GoodDrink Bottled Teas come in six flavours: mango, green, white, peach, iced and the latest addition, lemonade. These classic iced teas are not only delicious, but focus on spreading goodness with premium ingredients including non-GMO fruits and pure cane sugar. They are available at different grocery stores, including Whole Foods and IGA.

49th Parallel Bottled Iced Tea

Known as one of the city’s top coffee roasteries, 49th Parallel also offers a zero-calorie, all-natural, cold-steeped bottled iced tea, made with whole-leaf black tea and organic stevia leaf for sweetness. It’s available at the café’s two locations at 2902 Main Street and 2198 West 4th Avenue, or at your nearest Whole Foods.

TWG Tea’s Iced Tea Bag Collection

TWG’s iced tea bags contain the exact same hand-picked, whole leaf tea available at The Urban Tea Merchant. Specially crafted for making iced tea, there are 14 different flavours to choose from, including Eternal Summer Tea (South African red tea embellished with notes of sweet summer rose blossoms, accented with raw berries and ripe Tuscan peaches) and Moroccan Mint Tea (a fine green tea blended with strong Sahara mint). Available at The Urban Tea Merchant at 1070 West Georgia Street, or purchase online.

Credit: Happy Planet

Happy Planet Raspberry Iced Tea

Local company Happy Planet’s latest creation is a combination of all-natural local raspberries with a burst of fresh lime that will also keep your body healthy with its organic ingredients (including naturally brewed black tea, cane sugar and lemon juice). It’s available at a variety of grocery stores, including Whole Foods and Nesters.

Teapigs Iced Teas

Originally from Britain and now in Canada, Teapigs has a variety of unique iced tea blends to keep you cool for the summer. They manufacture quality real tea, using whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs and whole flowers. If you’re looking for a flavour you most likely have never tried before, be sure to try the popcorn tea: a traditional Japanese-style Genmaicha tea (with puffed rice kernels). Its nutty quality is perfect chilled with a sprig of mint. It’s availalbe at Save-on-Foods, Safeway or online.