Fast Food’s bicycle delivery service

Turns out the price of being lazy isn't so high...

Credit: Hilary Henegar

Food delivery just got a whole lot more delicious with Fast Food’s bicycle delivery service

Last night, realizing I was too tired to cook and, well, there wasn’t even anything in the house to pull together anyway, I was presented with the same problem I always face when considering ordering delivery. Vancouver has a sadly small pool of restaurants that deliver consistently, and trying to find a delivery place that makes quality food I actually want to eat can be time consuming. Which negates the whole purpose of ordering delivery in the first place.

But remembering a tweet I’d seen month ago about a bicycle delivery service that brings good eats to hungry East Van vegetarians, I decided to try it out. 

Fast Food is a locally based bicycle delivery service that “delivers food from local kitchens to your front door. For small fees, we provide businesses and individuals access to our network of experienced bike couriers (currently 6-11pm, 7 days a week).” Available to those living east of Oak St, west of Nanaimo and north of King Edward, the service fills an under-served niche, and I hope to see similar operations open up to other parts of Vancouver.

How it works is you place your order at the restaurant of your choice, currently The Foundation and Budgies Burritos, between 0:00 and 0:35 o’clock, then the food is prepared and the courier picks it up at the top of the hour to deliver to your door. The courier pays the restaurant, and you pay the courier $2.25 per menu item, on top of what the restaurant charges you for the food.


Fast Food’s bicycle delivery service area map

We ordered from The Foundation two orders of East Van Town (yummy black beans with stewed bananas and this addictive red pepper paste, over rice) and a Molten Tofu (with broccoli and sesami sauce over spinach and rice); the order came to $27, including the delivery cost, and I added $5 on top for tip. Not a bad price for being lazy.

Admittedly, the food wasn’t piping hot when it arrived (so we used our microwave for the third time ever), but this didn’t diminish the experience. I’ll definitely be using Fast Food’s service again. Next time, I’m ordering garlic roasted potato tacos from Budgies!