Free cooking lessons in downtown Vancouver

In the words of Michael's father, "If you don’t eat, you don’t s#!t, and if you don’t s#!t, you die."

Credit: flickr / Barron Fujimoto

Free cooking classes

Everybody loves at least two of the three following words: Free Cooking Lessons 


Everyone should know how to cook at least two dishes. You should be able to rustle up something quick and satiating for yourself, and you should be able to make a dish that’ll wow the underpants off your future-spouse.


Next week, August 23-27, 2010, The Sinclair Centre and Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks (a fabulous little bookstore for all things food related) will be bringing you free (such a beautiful word) cooking classes that can help you head in the right direction.


The Sinclair Centre

757 West Hastings St, Vancouver

Cooking lessons held in the atrium



Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks

1740 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver



Free cooking lessons in Vancouver

There’ll be two 45-minute lessons daily, covering French Food Fast, Easy Vegetarian, Savouring the Harvest, College Cooking and the Sea’s Bounty (check out the schedule for times). Each class will feature three dishes picked from among the favourites and Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks.


The important details

>  Where: The Sinclair Centre Atrium (next to Sinclair Centre food court)

>  What: Demonstration-style cooking lesson (i.e. not hands-on, bring your lunch

      and watch)

>  When: August 23-27 (See schedule for times)

>  Who: Lawren Moneta from Books to Cooks

>  Why: Because life is about food and fellowship (or in the words of my father: “If you don’t eat, you don’t s#!t, and if you don’t s#!t, you die.”)