Local Celebs Share Comfort Food Faves

Local media personalities share their favourite comfort foods for a winter in Vancouver

Local media personalities share their favourite comfort foods for a winter in Vancouver

Winter in Vancouver: we’re cold, water-logged and dreaming of sunny days. Ideally, you’d hibernate, but that’s just not going to happen. To help, we asked some of our favourite Vancouverites to tell us their go-to warm-up dishes, so that at least our bellies were nice and toasty.

1. Grant Lawrence – CBC Host, Author

Tinga de Pollo Burrito from La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop

“During this soggy winter without a vacation, the best thing I can do to ‘warm up’ is to chow down on the food from where I dream of being. As the sheets of grey rain pour down outside, I’m basking in La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop, an authentic Mexican eatery. The tacos are awesome but when I really need that warmth in my belly to linger, I go for the tinga de pollo burrito: chicken, black beans, cheese, cream and salsa fresca. Excelente!”

2. Erin Ireland – Food Reporter, To Die For Foods

Mushroom Toast with Cashew Ricotta from TurF

“Sinking your teeth into this warm, thick-cut toast, over-flowing with sautéed mushrooms and lathered thickly with cashew ricotta is heaven! It’s savoury, rich and perfect for a rainy day paired with one of TurF’s ah-mazing house almond or walnut mylk lattes. You’d never expect such incredible food and drink from a gym restaurant, but—seriously—I could eat here every day.”

3. Jean-Paul Maurice – Musician, Contestant on CTV’s “The Launch”

Veggie Satay Pho from Five Elements

“I’d challenge anyone to show me a better veggie pho in the city. The broth is so tasty and really warms you up on a cold day—or while trying to kick a hangover.”

4. Tyler Johnston – Actor

Classic Drive from Euro Bagel Café

Nothing’s better than sitting down with the newspaper, some bacon and eggs and a hot cup of coffee. Having lived off of Commercial Drive for many years, my warm-up food of choice has to be the Classic Drive breakfast at the Euro Bagel Café. Simple… yet delicious. Laid-back spot just north of 1st Avenue.”

5. Ivan Decker – Comedian

Tonkotsu Black Ramen from Jinya Ramen

“Amazingly savoury pork cutlets in rich pork broth with nori, fried onions and a ton of delicious garlic. Plus it comes with a boiled egg so—for a comedian who sometimes wakes up at 1 p.m.—it could also, technically, be breakfast. I could eat it every day.”

6. Natalie Langston — TV Host, Lifestyle Expert

“I love making soup in my Vitamix Ascent Series A3500 when I want to warm up on cold, winter days at home. I can make a mean tomato basil or butternut squash for Gary and I. It feels like comfort food without the calories. But when I’m in a hurry—and on the run—my go-to is Kits Kitchen for the same quality taste with fresh, local ingredients! That way I can still have my healthy, warm soup even on days when I have no time for meal prep.”

7. Prevail – Musician, Swollen Members

Chicken Laksa Soup from Mamalee

“When the weather goes sideways, I go to West Broadway! Mamalee’s makes the most delicious Malaysian chicken laksa soup I have ever had in the city. Great spice, beautiful broth and perfect noodles. The best part of the whole experience is the fact that Betty Lee always recognizes her loyal customers, making return visits a true pleasure!”