10 Unique Vendors to Check Out at B.C. Farmers’ Markets

Check out one of the more than 145 farmers' markets across B.C. for a last-minute summer adventure

Check out one of the more than 145 farmers’ markets across B.C. for a last-minute summer adventure

If you like to shop for the freshest foods and handmade artisan goods while reconnecting with communities and supporting more than 4000 farmers and entrepreneurs, the B.C. Association of Farmers’ Markets (BCAFM) has created a handy online tool to make it easy.

The BC Farmers’ Market Trail features a market finder for both locals and tourists to enjoy regional flavours that reflect the supernatural landscapes and unique communities that surround them. This definitive guide allows you to find a market near you and to learn everything from specific market hours of operation to the location and the types of goods and vendors you can find at each. 

By visiting a farmers’ market this season, you will not only be supporting the businesses and their families, but you’ll also be able to check out some really cool and unique vendors.

Here’s a sample of some of the awesome food businesses you can support at the markets this season…


1. Humblebee Meadery

Producers of mead (aka gluten-free alcohol fermented with Canadian honey), Vancouverites Jeff Gillham and Pierre Vacheresse are on a mission to familiarize locals with this ancient drink.
Location: New West Farmers’ Market


2. Brave Child Farm

Run by farmers Yuko Suda and Mike Millar, Brave Child Farm specializes in growing more than 40 varieties of vegetables, with a focus on traditional Asian vegetables, including mizuna, shishito peppers and Japanese leeks.
Location: Nikkei Garden Farmers Market (new market located in Burnaby)


3. Susgrainable

In order to tackle the alarming food waste rates in Canada and to produce healthier baking goods, Susgrainable reuses spent grains from the beer-brewing process to make premium baking mixes and flours. Who knew that fibre, protein and minerals can all be found in the “waste” from beer?
Location: Coquitlam Farmers Market and Port Moody Farmers Market


4. Cumberland Hemp

This vendor specializes in all sorts of hemp products, including items like hemp ice cream, hemp oil, hemp salad dressing toppers, hemp energy balls, hemp protein powder, plus more.
Location: Comox Valley Farmers’ Market


5. Astro Foods

This Vancouver-based business sources as many local produce items as they can to make freeze-dried ice cream, candy and fruit, which rehydrate easily and maintain 97 percent of their nutrients. 
Location: Nikkei Garden Farmers Market (New market in Burnaby)


6. Petkov Kiwi Production

As the name suggests, this stand sells pesticide-free, locally grown kiwifruit in vineyards from Abbotsford, B.C.
Location: Vancouver Farmers’ Markets


7. Oh Bagel!

Enjoy Montreal-style bagels made right here on the West Coast in B.C.’s beautiful Fraser Valley. Dairy-free and egg-free, these bagels are delicious and come in a variety of flavours, including their signature every seed bagel.
Location: Mission and Maple Ridge Farmers’ Markets


8. Living Tree Foods

Looking for vegan fare? Living Tree Foods offers up locally produced plant-based charcuterie and dairy-alternative products.
Location: Vancouver Farmers’ Markets


9. Pure Organic Baby Foods

Makers of nutritious, organic and plant-based baby food cubes, Pure Organic Baby Foods offers many delicious flavours to choose from, including pear and spinach, strawberry chia superblend and sweet potato and turmeric.
Location: New West Farmers’ Market


10. Scratch Fine Foods

Scratch Fine Foods creates nutritious and delicious fermented products, including pickled carrots, chili paste, sauerkraut and more.
Locations: Coquitlam and Port Moody Farmers’ Markets

Looking to try some of these delicious goodies? Visit the BC Farmers’ Market Trail to find the nearest farmers’ market near you. And don’t forget to follow along with this farmers’ market season on Facebook and Instagram.