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3 Reasons to Love Crunchetti

Local chocolatier creates sweet treats with fresh, natural ingredients

Local chocolatier creates sweet treats with fresh, natural ingredients

“A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands,” declares Delta’s Brockmann’s Chocolates. With a proud confectionery heritage dating back to 1934, the company uses fresh, natural ingredients to provide some of the most satisfying snacks available. Their signature truffle, Truffini, is available in 11 flavours, but their Crunchetti (fondly known as schoko-mandel-splitter in Germany), is the star of spring’s Simply Beautiful box.

Here’s why you absolutely need to find a bag today….

    1. All-natural ingredients

      Brockmann’s has long believed that good ingredients make a good product, and they stand by that. The company is committed to providing the freshest product, made with all natural ingredients. How exactly? It’s simple. Crunchetti is made in small batches with toasted almonds, blended with fine quality chocolate, and contains no artificial colours. Really, that’s the secret.

        2. Gluten-free

          Chocolate is too good not to be shared. It’s only fair that Brockmann’s gluten free friends can taste and appreciate the wonder that is Crunchetti. Not only is Crunchetti gluten free and kosher… but its fancy sister Truffini is too!

          3. Canadian-made

            Move over maple syrup, Crunchetti is here to claim its place as the sweetest thing from Canada. Making chocolate is a Brockmann family tradition going back to the 1930s. In 1986, Norbert and Marianne Brockmann opened a café in Vancouver’s Kerrisdale neighbourhood and began sharing their delicious confectionary creations with grocery and specialty markets throughout B.C. and now Canada. It’s a proud provincial success story!

            As a bonus… Crunchetti is delicious!

            After three generations of European-trained and certified chocolatiers, Brockmann’s knows a little something about chocolate. Every Brockmann’s Chocolate product is packed with flavour, made with love, and coated in quality chocolate. So, when you’re going to treat yourself, do it right and do it with Brockmann’s Chocolate.

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