5 of the Best Nacho Spots in Vancouver

Looking for the best chips in town? These are nacho average nachos

For a fantastic plate of nachos in Vancouver, look no further than these five restaurants

Nachos may have a reputation as the food of sports bars and college students, but for some they’re serious business. The seemingly simple concept of chips, cheese and toppings gets complicated fast when you throw in factors like cheese distribution (so important!), potentially soggy chips and the delicate balance of sauces. Whether it’s a science, an art or a little of both, these Vancouver restaurants have figured out how to do nachos right. 

Salsa and Agave

Salsa and Agave prides itself on providing authentic Mexican cuisine, and its classic nachos are definitely the real deal. The restaurant doesn’t skimp on the toppings, piling tortilla chips with refried beans, jalapeno peppers, pico de gallo, house-made sour cream and cheddar cheese. You even have the option of adding chicken or beef for two dollars.

1205 Pacific Boulevard

The Foundation

It only takes a quick online search to find rave reviews for The Foundation’s nachos. Urban Spooners and Yelpers across town have been known to tout them as the best nachos in the city, possibly the world. Despite the Internet’s occasional tendency towards hyperbole, these nachos have earned the hype. The vegan/vegetarian menu, rotating daily nacho specials, and the promise of cheese with every bite (they really have mastered cheese distribution) has made The Foundation a hotspot for nacho enthusiasts everywhere.

2301 Main Street

Credit: Memphis Blues

Memphis Blues BBQ

If The Foundation’s vegetarian nachos have left you craving meat, hit up Memphis Blues for their BBQ nachos. This B.C.-based chain is known for its authentic southern barbeque and friendly atmosphere. Touted as “a Memphis specialty,” their BBQ nachos are piled with pulled pork, barbecue sauce and cheese. It’s a tasty alternative for anyone who wants a change from the typical Tex-Mex nachos. 

Locations: 1342 Commercial Drive, 1465 West Broadway Avenue and 430 Robson Street

Credit: Black and Blue

Black and Blue

Anyone who thinks nachos can’t be gourmet will have to rethink their position after a trip to Black and Blue. Their Steakhouse Nachos are a big step up from your standard cheese and sour cream affair. House-made potato chips are topped with cheese, bacon and crispy jalapenos, all served on a bed of steak chili. You can try to recreate the dish with Chef Jason Labahn’s recipe here or stop by their downtown location and leave it up to the professionals. 

1032 Alberni Street

Credit: St. Augustine's

St. Augustine’s

Beer and nachos is a classic combination, and St. Augustine’s is capable of delivering both in spades. Located on Commercial Drive, St. Augustine’s has built up a reputation as a haven for beer lovers, but the nachos have their own devoted following. These hand-cut tortilla chips are topped with black beans, corn, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. There’s also the option to add pulled pork for a few extra dollars. 

2360 Commercial Drive