5 Slurp-worthy Ramen Spots in Metro Vancouver

Vancouver loves its ramen. Here are some top spots to satisfy those noodle cravings

Vancouver loves its ramen. Here are some top spots to satisfy those noodle cravings

Don’t know what to eat on a rainy Vancouver day? Ramen is always a great choice and there are so many incredible options in the Metro Vancouver area.

To make things easy, here is a list of our favourite noodle destinations…


1. Jinya, Vancouver and Burnaby locations

Known for their tonkotsu ramen, Jinya is one of Vancouver’s most popular spots. With locations around the world, you can taste a little of Japan right here at home. Their noodles are made fresh daily to perfectly complement the 10-plus-hours simmered broth. The bonus? They have vegan options.


2. Marutama, Vancouver locations

With three convenient locations, you have to give Marutama Ramen a try. Their creamy chicken broth (taripai tan) will make you wish it was an endless bowl of ramen… and it sort of can be. If you have some broth left (doubt it), you can get extra noodles for just $2.


3. Danbo, Vancouver locations

Danbo brings traditional Fukuoka-style kyushu hakata tonkotsu ramen to Vancouver. The menu might be limited, but don’t let this dissuade you. You get to customize your noodle’s thickness and firmness, as well as broth thickness, amount of lard and spiciness.


4. Taishoken

If you consider yourself a ramen connoisseur and want to explore a different option, then Taishoken is for you. They are known for their cold ramen. You get your broth and noodles in different dishes and then dip in your ramen… it’s a little more work but worth it for the taste.


5. Motomachi Shokudo

A hidden gem in the West End with an intimate atmosphere, Motomachi Shokudo’s chicken broth is classified as “chin-tan” soup. This means that their broth is clear and has a light texture. They also offer charcoal bamboo broth with their ramen noodles.