April Food Events in and Around Vancouver

As the austerity of Lent leads up to the Easter celebrations, we stop stuffing our faces long enough to raise money to help clean up Japan.

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Colourful easter eggs to welcome summer

Vancouver food events in April point toward Easter


With the approaching celebration of Easter, it’s not suprising that April sees its share of events around chocolate and baking. Sadly, the Bakers’ Market won’t be playing a part in those celebrations.


Though still officially the Winter Farmers’ Market, we’re starting to see a wider selection as Spring rears its head in Vancouver.


Food events coming up in April

Apr 2 – Winter Farmers Market

Apr 9 – Winter Farmers Market

Apr 10 – Food Fight: The Battle for Brunch

Apr 12 – Evening at The BiBo

Apr 14 – Exploring the World of Chocolate

Apr 16 – Winter Farmers Market

Apr 20 – Bake for the Quake

Apr 23 – Winter Farmers Market

Apr 30 – Winter Farmers Market

Never? – Bakers’ Market


Winter farmers market

Still going strong, you’ll find the Winter Farmers Markets every weekend by Nat Bailey Stadium [map]. Check out this list of market vendors.


Exploring the world of chocolate

Conveniently pre-Easter, this mid-month edition of artisan chocolatier Edward Suter’s chocolate appreciation class will explore the world of chocolate including making a molded chocolate form and decorating it with contrasting chocolate. Maximum 18 people. Held at the Schokolade Cafe (Thursday, April 14, 6–7:30 p.m.), $45 per person. Contact Jane Suter (info@schokoladecafe.com) to reserve.


Bake for the Quake

Food bloggers Melody Fury (GourmetFury.com) and Joy (Gourmeted.com) are organizing a collective bake sale to raise funds for Japan earthquake and tsunami relief. The proceeds will go directly to Doctors without Borders. Find more information about how to Bake for the Quake here, or learn how you can help with sponsorship. Goods will be on sale at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre from 6–8:30 p.m on April 20.

Bakers’ Market

“Yay! The Bakers’ Market,” you cry. Well, no. Sadly, owing to an insufficient number of committed bakers, the Bakers’ Market will not be operating in the foreseeable future. If you have suggestions or would like to get involved, check out www.bakersmarket.com.


Restaurants opening soon

If you’re constantly on the lookout for the newest place to eat, you can either stalk me or check out Vancouver Foodster’s blackboard of upcoming restaurant openings.