‘Couver-copia: Gluten-free goodies in Vancouver

Local artisans answer the Vancouver celiac community's call for bread and cupcakes.

Credit: Flickr | cfwhitney

Gluten-free pumpkin bread

Gluten-free pumpkin bread loaves

Breads and baked goods for Vancouver celiac sufferers


May 2010 is Celiac Disease Awareness Month. Also known as gluten intolerance, this autoimmune condition has seen a meteoric rise in recent years.


The cause for its prevalence is unknown, however one popular theory, the “hygiene” theory, propounds that we are become so fastidiously clean that our immune system is less able to deal with autoimmune diseases (Celiac Disease is less rampant in less developed countries). Are we becoming the Boy in the Bubble?


The good news for Celiac sufferers 


Theories like the hygiene theory have led to a belief that gluten-free food is healthier. This belief, and the surge of the disease, has led to a greater awareness as well as greater availability of products. Gluten-free sales in the U.S. are predicted to exceed $2 billion by 2012.


Bakers and baked goods in Vancouver


Gluten Free Epicurean



A mouth-watering array of baked goods available at the Blim Community Market or you can order online.


Panne Rizo



This Kitsilano bakery (entirely gluten-free) is practically an institution in the gluten-free community.


Mountain Top Café and Bakery



Catering to a variety of allergic needs, their products are available in several location around town and orderable online.





Their store on Main Street draws celiac sufferers and foodies alike.


Vancouver Farmers Market



You’ll find various vendors at the farmers’ markets. Look for Edible Flours, Holy Crap and Sweet Tooth Cakery.


Let us know if you’ve got a favourite gf-friendly bakehouse. Or a reliable source for Xanthum gum.