Dinner and a Movie: Vancouver Restaurants Paired With Oscar-Nominated Films

Take dinner and a movie to a whole new level by pairing some of this year's Academy Award Best Picture nominees with their Vancouver dining counterparts

Credit: flickr/Rick Chung (Joe Fortes)

Let life imitate art and pair these Oscar-nominated movies with Vancouver eateries

The Academy Awards are fast approaching (March 2), but there’s still time to see the year’s Best Picture nominees. If you’re looking for a fun date night idea, we’ve come up with a list of Vancouver restaurants that will enhance your Oscar-nominated movie experience. So step back in time, space, or travel to another country, at these local dining establishments.

American Hustle and Fondue at Burgoo Bistro

David O’Russell (Silver Linings Playbook, The Fighter) directs this flashback to a decade of disco dancing and bad perms (we’re talking about you, Bradley Cooper). Before hustling over to the theatre, stop by Burgoo Bistro for an iconic ’70s dish: fondue. O’Russell’s witty dialogue and eclectic characters in American Hustle are the perfect dessert for this savoury meal.

American Hustle showtimes

Burgoo: 3096 Main Street, 604-873-1441; 4434 West 10th Ave., 604-221-7839 and 2272 West 4th Ave. 604-734-3478

The Wolf of Wall Street and Joe Fortes

Martin Scorsese’s retrospective film about Wall Street in the late ’80s and early ’90s stars Leonardo DeCaprio as a ruthless stockbroker named Jordan Belfort who overindulges in everything, including great food. Channel your inner Belfort and enjoy a delicious steak or seafood platter at Joe Fortes before the movie. Opened in 1985, this legendary Vancouver restaurant’s decor of brass, neon and mahogany will transport you back to a decade of decadence.

The Wolf of Wall Street showtimes

Joe Fortes, 777 Thurlow Street, 604-669-1940

Nebraska and The Reuben Sandwich at Dunn’s Famous

Legend has it the Reuben sandwich originated in Omaha, Nebraska so it’s only fitting that before viewing Alexander Payne’s (The Descendents, Sideways) Nebraska you head over to Dunn’s Famous on Seymour Street and order one up. The restaurant’s original recipe includes their famous Montreal smoked meat and sauerkraut on dark rye bread. This classic homestyle meal will put you in the mood for the film’s small-town feel, shot entirely in black and white.

Nebraska showtimes

Dunn’s Famous, 827 Seymour Street, 604-682-8938

Gravity and Top of Vancouver

The Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant gives diners a 360-degree view of our city from its location in the sky atop Harbour Centre. Similarly, Gravity, starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, shows viewers a breathtaking view of Earth thanks to the gorgeous cinematography. Dining at the Top of Vancouver will bring you closer to the stars in the sky before you go see the stars onscreen.

Gravity showtimes

Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant, 555 West Hastings, 604-669-2220

Philomena and Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont Hotel

Philomena is based on the 2009 investigative book by BBC correspondent Martin Sixsmith, and follows the story of Irishwoman Philomena Lee’s search for a son who was taken from her in 1952 by a Catholic home for unwed mothers. Upon discovering that her child was put up for adoption in the United States, Philomena, accompanied by a BBC correspondent, makes the journey to America. The film’s close ties to the United Kingdom give you the perfect excuse to go for high tea at the Fairmont Hotel. Enjoy finger sandwiches, pastries and sweets served every afternoon. Be sure to book a reservation so you aren’t late for the show.

Philomena showtimes

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, 900 West Georgia Street, 604-684-3131

Her and food apps

Her is a love story between a man and technology, so why not combine food and tech with food-related apps to find a place to eat in Vancouver? Popular apps like Urbanspoon give you detailed reviews of various restaurants. Visitors rate the restaurant and post comments about their dining experience. Also try Street Food Vancouver, which notifies users of nearby food carts, OpenTable, which allows you to find available tables and book reservations,and Foodspotting, a visual guide to the favourite dishes and recommendations of diners.

Her showtimes