Healthy Meal Delivery Services in Vancouver

Enjoy fresh, affordable and nutritious meals at home... without the hassle of cooking

Credit: Homeplate

Too busy to cook? These meal delivery services will serve your nutritional needs

Yes, meal delivery services got their start in the senior citizen community. However, they’ve since become a popular option for health-conscious, busy professionals wanting a quality home-cooked meal without the hassle of actually doing it themselves.

Click through for seven Vancouver-owned and operated meal delivery services that use fresh, affordable and nutritious ingredients while cutting meal prep time by about 98 per cent

Credit: Homeplate


Working with a team of three professional chefs, Homeplate offers five creative meat-based and vegetarian entrees every week for $50. All you have to do is choose which five you’d like to order and they’ll arrive pre-packaged in 100 per cent recyclable material at your home on Sunday night or to your office on Monday morning. Order for yourself or for your whole family and feel free to skip weeks if you suddenly feel like cooking. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to try their handmade beef ravioli (pictured above).

Be Fresh Local Market

Formerly known as Liscious Living, Be Fresh Local Market wants to balance your diet for you. They’ve been designing meal plans for busy Vancouverites since 2003, including the 40-30-30 Plan (based on the principles of the Zone Diet), a soup cleanse, a juice cleanse and a basic healthy living plan. There’s even a custom meal plan that caters to specialty diets like gluten-free, paleo or dairy-free.

Whatever meal plan you choose, you can customize it to your exact needs, whether that means one or four meals a day for a month or a year. And you get the added security of knowing that all the produce is provided by local produce delivery company SPUD.CA. Signing up for a meal plan through Be Fresh Local Market is like having a nutritionist do all your cooking for you.

Credit: CHOMP


CHOMP promises to deliver “vegan food that doesn’t suck” to your home every Monday and Thursday, ensuring fresh, home-style dinners for as many days of the week as you want.

You don’t have to sign up for a regimented meal plan, as CHOMP changes up its selection of six lunch- or dinner-sized meals twice a week, and you can order as many or as few as you need. Each meal is individually priced from $10 to $13, so signing up for CHOMP’s meal delivery service is kind of like ordering takeout for the week, all at once. A sample menu features a lentil coconut soup, a kale quinoa berry bowl and CHOMP’s classic vegan sliders. And good news for vegans in the burbs – CHOMP delivers all the way out to Coquitlam.


Who decided that frozen dinners had to be bland and full of preservatives? is the healthy, gourmet frozen-food dream of Red-Seal-Certified chef Joanne Lechner. At, you can purchase as many individual frozen meals as you need to get you through the week – like the mac ‘n’ cheese with aged cheddar cheese sauce or the paella stew bowl – for $5 to $13 each. Or, you can opt for The Works – a bundle of 13 different frozen meals for $100, including home-cooked classics like chicken pot pie, shepherd’s pie and butter chicken.

Instructions for reheating or cooking are included with each meal. Place your order before Thursday at 5 p.m. every week to have your own frozen buffet delivered to your door by 7:30 a.m. on Friday. You can also pick up your order at’s Richmond location.

Credit: Beatrice Crozet

Eat Your Cake

Eat Your Cake Personal Health Delivery is for anyone who has ever wanted to lose weight but thinks diet meals are gross. Delivering organic, clean-eating inspired breakfast, lunches and dinners to your door two to three times a week, Eat Your Cake also offers nutritional consultation to customers in search of weight loss or athletic support.

Eat Your Cake constantly updates its menu, and offers a wide variety of meals, including options for vegans and vegetarians. Menu items range from home-cooked standards like chicken parmesan to exotic coconut fish curry at $10 to $15 a pop. You can order casually from the menu or you can sign up for one of nutritionist Joanna Wolski’s professionally-designed weight-loss meal plans at $85 to $170 a week. Best of all? Dessert is included.

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Fitness Foods

If you’ve ever wished you could give paleo eating a try but fear being chained to your stove, Fitness Foods is for you. Delivering to your home twice a week, Fitness Foods provides a new, healthy, mouth-watering menu every week (grass-fed bison pepperoni and chicken pad Thai are just two options) that can be paleo-customized for $2 a meal. Every menu includes a “Big Salad,” the ingredients of which change weekly to include what’s fresh and in season.

You can order single meals at $14.50 a pop or sign up for one of three meal plans: the Metabolism Booster, the Recharge or the Full Meal Deal. At $202 to $453 a week, Fitness Foods aims to completely overhaul your regular, boring eating habits.

Real Meals

Family-oriented and inspired by clean eating, Real Meals is the frozen-food delivery vision of wife and mother Sarah Bloy. Based in Port Coquitlam, Real Meals delivers all over Vancouver, including Maple Ridge and Langley. Depending on where you live, meals will be delivered to your home between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. on either Tuesday or Thursday, and you need to place your order at least one day beforehand. If you’re based in Port Coquitlam, you can even pick up your order directly from Real Meals during business hours. Menu items include a collection of $10 to $12 mouth-watering casseroles, handmade soups, stews and chills that both adults and kids can enjoy. Microwave-safe containers are included.