How to Steak Like a Boss in Vancouver

We've rounded up the perfect steaks in the city for every occasion

We’ve rounded up the perfect steaks in the city for every occasion

So, let’s talk about the steak of your dreams: obviously, it’s at least medium-rare if not rarer, it’s certainly hormone- and antibiotics-free, and it’s definitely a slice of juicy, bloody heaven on a plate. The good news? This steak is not a fantasy; there are some kick-ass spots in Vancouver to go eat steak, and we’ve pulled together a steak-for-all-occasions guide to suit all your needs.

Whether you crave steak for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a special occasion, we got you covered…


1. The old-school steak

If the modern world feels too harsh to bear, then restore your soul with a visit to Hy’s Steakhouse, which has been feeding generations of protein-loving Vancouverites since 1962 on the corner of Hornby and Dunsmuir.

What to order: Oh, man. It’s Hy’s; everything is good. Start with the cheese toast and the first of your two martinis (and yes, of course, gin, we are not savages), then have the table-made Caesar salad and listen to wine list recommendations. You want something red and wonderful. Finally, order up the filet mignon, cooked Chicago-style (charred on the outside and medium rare inside) over the charcoal grill (the only one of its kind in the city). Sure, it’s expensive, but making like it’s the ’50s for a slap-up tipsy steak lunch? Priceless.


2. The breakfast steak

Feeling fragile? Perhaps you’re surfing the crimson tide and need a serious iron infusion? Or just feeling delicate from more self-inflicted booze-based wounds? The steak and eggs brekkie is a time-tested standard that will have you back on your feet in no time. And Café Medina’s is second to none.

What to order: The main event is a flat-iron steak with a duo of eggs, but Le Complet brekkie comes with plenty of bold flavours on the side, including a caramelized onion and goat cheese crostini, some essential greens and a pleasingly punchy hit of romesco sauce.


3. The connoisseur’s steak

Specializing in humanely raised and ethically treated meats, without hormones, antibiotics or chemical-feed additives, Two Rivers Specialty Meats has almost single-handedly raised the game when it comes to top quality meat in the cityand likely supplies every good restaurant that you visit. Now, you can go directly to the source.

What to order: I’ve never seen a more beautiful butcher’s shop than Two Rivers’ place out in North Van: glass cabinets gleam with house-made charcuterie, sausages and every kind of cut of meat that you could imagine. The highly trained staff here use old-school techniques and cut by hand andwowthe flavour shows that. But it’s not just a butcher’s shop, it’s also a marvellously meaty restaurant and each day brings a new daily feature with accessible price points for delicious steaks cooked perfectly over their wood and charcoal fire. Try a dry-aged rib steak, aged for 35 days, velvety with a beefy sweetness and get it with a side of their table-bangingly wonderful tallow fries.


4. The lunchtime steak

Having a tough day at the office and want a treat? Grilled hanger steak at Nightingale is the friend that’ll send you back to your desk with a skip in your step that only comes with a powerful protein punch.

What to order: Known as the butcher’s cut, hanger steak, or ongle, is tender and packed full of flavour. This particular version is marinated for three days in puréed shallots, garlic and thyme, then grilled and served with a plate-lickingly marvelous Gorgonzola butter.


5. The group steak

Don’t know what a tomahawk steak is? Just imagine anything Fred Flintstone ate, and you’re pretty much there. The technical explanation is that it’s a rib-eye steak served with the entire bone left on. It looks amazing, and tastes even better. And you’ll find a beauty at CinCin.

What to order: Ever since I heard about the tomahawk cut of meat, I dreamed of one day sitting down to a steak feast with friends, and sharing a god damn massive dinosaur bone-looking mofo of a meal. Reader, that happened last May for my birthday. It was epic. Order in advance and plan a night to remember with your crew. CinCin presents the steak to the table whole, giving you plenty of essential Instagram time, then takes it off to cut it and serve in more manageable slices. Best. Birthday. Meal. Ever.


6. The fancy date steak

Want to show good intentions on a date? Then have the smarts to take ’em to Hawksworth for their truly excellent rib-eye for two, ’cause this steak is seriously sexy.

What to order: This 17-oz 10-day dry-aged Albertan beef rib-eye comes on a board split into two perfect pink and juicy rounds, with German butter potato (so good for soaking up that meaty jus) and roasted veg. The meat is pan-seared, then slow-roasted with butter, thyme and garlic, finished with a kelp and dried mushroom glaze, and served with decadent bone marrow garnishes. Second date? Yes, please.