Industry Insider: The Best Hangover Brunches in Vancouver

You know that the best way to cure a hangover is with a boozy brunch, and because sometimes you've gotta go to the source of the problem to find the solution, we asked some of our favourite bartenders where they go when they're feeling the after-effects of a long, late night  of overindulging

Local bartenders share their favourite spots to cure a hangover

Feeling less than stellar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You know that the best way to cure a hangover is with a boozy brunch, and because sometimes you’ve gotta go to the source of the problem to find the solution, we asked some of our favourite bartenders where they go when they’re feeling the after-effects of a long, late night  of overindulging.

From beer-tails to blueberry pancakes, here are some solid recommendations to get you back on your feet again…


1. Fiona Grieve, owner and whisky maven, Buckstop

BaysideFacebook/Bayside Lounge“Working until 3 a.m. all the time means brunch is a super-special treat [for me] reserved for two occasions: celebrations or vicious hangovers. For those looking for a celebratory brunch, I cannot recommend the beautiful Ophelia in Olympic village enough. The service, food and cocktails are absolutely spot-on, the flavours fresh and inventive, and the whole room opens up into an al fresco experience that whisks you out of Vancouver. 

The hangover option? For me, it can only be properly cured at the Bayside Lounge, one of the last remaining outposts where you can still get a huge breakfast for around $12 to $15. Having upped their cocktail game immensely over the past few years, you have your choice of five different Caesars (go pickle all the way). It’s the best view in the entire city of Vancouver and the staff there won’t bat an eyelash if you happen to be wearing your PJs still.”


2. Chiara Fung, premium bartender at H Tasting Lounge located at the Westin Bayshore Hotel

banana French toastSalie Rill“My go-to brunch spot is the Twisted Fork, located in historic Gastown. They serve brunch every day from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. They have a warm and woodsy interior space with a patio that serves French-bistro fare alongside bubbles, beertails and anything to cure a gnarly hangover. Their banana-stuffed brioche French Toast and eggplant Shakshuka are must-tries! The best thing about this place is you can check to see how long the lineup is on their website and add your name before you arrive. They also have happy hour every day from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., offering small, shared items like olives, artichoke dip, and a selection of meats and cheeses.”


3. Max Curzon-Price, bar manager, Suyo

Facebook/Maxine's Cafe & BarFacebook/Maxine’s Cafe & Bar“Those heavy-headed morningsyou know the onesfollowing one too many gin and tonics, a skipped dinner, and the deep concern wondering if we really opened that ’98 Domaine Ponsot at 3 a.m. For mornings like those, there is only cure for meMaxine’s. As a West-Ender, Maxine’s is a short stumble up the road as I rub my head and manifest thoughts of their Eggs Cocotte (with the addition of a farmer’s sausage and charred sourdough bread). The thought alone is enough to clear my head and with the aid of a ‘Jabberjaw’ cocktail, I can finally grasp hope of salvaging my afternoon to some level of productivity.”


4. Connor Polishak, bartender at Alimentaria Mexicana

Red WagonFacebook/The Red Wagon“My favourite hangover cure is the Bennies and pancakes at The Red Wagon. Not too fancy, the food here always hits the spot. Don’t forget to ask for blueberries in the pancakes! Perfect for sharing.”


5. Lucy Nahacka, general manager and wine director at NOX

Birds & the BeetsFacebook/Birds & the Beets“One of my favourite places to hang out in the mornings is The Birds and the Beets. It is a gorgeous cafe located in Gastown and serves great coffee and food. There is also a back patio area which allows dogs, so that makes the perfect morning for me. My favourite breakfast option is the Breakfast Sandwich with soft scrambled eggs, which always helps when I have a hangover. They also started serving a selection of natural wines in the mornings, so it is the perfect time to grab a bottle to enjoy on my day off.


6. Olivia Povarchook, bartender, Miku

The AcornFacebook/The Acorn“My go-to for a decadent Sunday brunch is always The Acorn on Main Street. Their extensive vegetarian menu is seasonally focused and changes often, so there’s always something new and exciting to try when you walk through their doors. The daily harvest feature is always worth adding to the table. The room is cozy, and the service is always impeccable. I’ll always go with a friend or two so we’re able to try out a good number of dishes, paired with great coffee and some locally inspired cocktails.”


7. Jason Laidlaw, partner in El Segundo, Sechelt, and beverage manager, Bass Coast Festival

The Tipper,The Tipper“When I need to kick-start a slow morning, I hit up The Tipper, a great local community-focused spot at Kingsway and Victoria. They just nail all the basics, and the “Simple” egg breakfast is spot oneggs are perfect over-easy, peppered fresh bacon is crispy, hand-cut potatoes are done to a crisp outside and fluffy inside, and the thick slices of buttered sourdough come with a perfect char and bite to them. Local art is on the walls, their merch is designed by locals, they’ve got lots of gluten-free, alcohol-free and vegetarian options and they’re kid-friendly, so I can take my sprouts to colour on menus. They’ve always looked at themselves as a neighbourhood spot in the true way, in that they exist to serve the neighbourhood, and not the other way around. It’s a hidden gem for sure!”